62nd Canadian Chemical Engineering Conference

Wednesday AM

PL3Regency C,D

Montreal Medal Lecture

10:30 00562 Reflections on the Role and Future of Chemical Engineering Grace J.R.
11:15 End of Session

PL4Regency C,D

R.S. Jane Memorial Award Lecture

11:15 00563 Blood, Guts and Chemical Engineering 2.0 Sefton M.
12:00 End of Session

SGA12Regency B

Gasification Reactors 2

Organizer(s) - J. Grace, J. Hatashi, M.H. Hofbauer, C.-Z. Li, H. Li
Chair(s) - K. Tannous

08:00 00564 Investigation of the Thermal Conversion Behavior of Polyethylene Mixtures in a Dual Fluidized Bed Gasifier Wilk V., Hofbauer H.
08:20 00565 Steam Gasification of Coal Using a Pyrolyzer-separated Circulating Fluidized Bed Gasification System *$Matsuoka K., Hosokai S., Kato Y., Kuramoto K., Suzuki Y.
08:40 00566 Gasification of Western Canadian Coals and Cokes : A Reprise Watkinson P.
09:00 00567 Pilot Study on Jetting Pre-oxidization Fluidized Bed Gasification Adapting to Caking Coal $Zhang J., Zhao Z., Zhang G., Zeng X., *Xu G.
09:20 00568 Study on the Flow Field of a Cyclone Gasifier Fueled by Pulverized Coal *Qiu P., $Du C., Shi X., Zhao Y., Sun S.
09:40 00569 Characteristics of Mass Transfer Rate of Oxidant to Coal Char Particle Surface with Partial Oxidation Reaction in O2/CO2 System *$Matsushita Y., Nozawa S.
10:00 End of Session

SGA13Regency C,D

Product Processing

Organizer(s) - J. Grace, J. Hatashi, M.H. Hofbauer, C.-Z. Li, H. Li
Chair(s) - C. Mims

08:00 00570 Pilot Plant Operations in Support of Gasification-Based Biomass-to-Liquids and Renewable Natural Gas Demonstration Plant Designs Bryan B.G., Slimane R.B.
08:20 00571 Small-scale Biomass-to-sNG Process - Integrated Demonstration of The Process Chain from Biomass to Raw-SNG in a Lab-scale Test Rig *Fendt S., Mayerhofer M., Gaderer M., $Spliethoff H.
08:40 00572 Integrated Coal Gasification and Natural Gas Steam Reforming $Ghouse J.H., *Adams II T.A.
09:00 00573 Mercury Capture in Fuel Gas Derived Coal over Pd/AC Sorbents at Mid-temperature Han L., *Liping C., $Jieru H.
09:20 00574 Effect of Activated Carbon Supports on Manganese Based Sorbents for H2S Removal from Hot Coal Gas Wang J., *Bao W., $Qin H.
09:40 End of Session


Spouted Bed Applications 1

Organizer(s) - J. Lim, X. Bao, M. Olazar, S. Rocha
Chair(s) - N. Epstein, C.J. Lim

Keynote Lecture:

08:00 00575 Influence of Surface Properties on Particle Coating and Drying of Pastes in Spouted Beds Rocha S.C.S., Donida M.W., Braga M.B.
08:40 00576 A Novel Dry Process for Saponins Removal Applied to Bitter Quinoa Ecotypes in Spouted Bed Reactors (SBR) Escalera R., Quiroga C., Arteaga L.
09:00 00577 Investigations on the Characteristics of Internally Circulating Spout-fluidized Beds for Biomass Fast Pyrolysis Zhang H., *Xiao R., $Shen D.
09:20 00578 Biodegradation of 2,4 Dichlorophenol (DCP) in a Spouted Bed Bio-Reactor (SBBR) Al-Khalid T., El-Naas M.
09:40 00579 Engineering Polyphenols Loaded Microparticles by Spouted Bed Drying Souza C.R.F., Fregonesi F., Cortés-Rojas D.F., *$Oliveira W.P.
10:00 End of Session

SBB8Regency A

Building the Bio-economy

Organizer(s) - P. Watkinson, F. Berruti, W. Duo, S. Sokhansanj
Chair(s) - W. Duo

08:00 00580 Biomass/Bioenergy-The Bio Pathways Perspective Goodison A.
08:20 00581 A Proposed Unified Methodology for Easily Comparing Biomass Energy System Efficiencies and Fuel Requirements Beauchemin P.A., $Tampier M.
08:40 00582 Successful Development of Collaborative Networks in the Forest Biorefinery Context Hämäläinen S., *Marinova M., Pesonen H.-L., Paris J.
09:00 00583 Evaluation of Low Carbon Biofuels for Domestic Energy Supply in Uruguay *Spatari S., Adler P.R., Carrasco-Letelier L., D'Ottone F., Vasquez D., Rodríguez G., Vicente E., Vilaró F.
09:20 00584 How Does Biomass CHP Measure Up? Energy Options for British Columbia's Remote Communities *$Stephen J.D., Monk R., Fahmy A., Mosier E., Mabee W.E.
09:40 00585 Earning a Social License for Bioenergy Development *$Sheppard S.R.J.
10:00 End of Session

BIO6Plaza A

Separation and Downstream Processing

Organizer(s) - J. Piret, A. Sen
Chair(s) - A. Sen

09:00 00586 The Use of CO2 for Reversible pH Shifting and Organic Acid Recovery in Polymer-loaded Two-phase Partitioning Bioreactors Peterson E.C., $Daugulis A.J.
09:20 00587 Trends and Challenges in Large-Scale Enzymatic Phenol Removal Process *$Nazari K., Haghighian Z., Fateminasab F., Moosavi-Movahedi A.A.
09:40 00588 Improving Bio-Butanol Production by Adsorption: Equilibrium and Kinetic Studies for Adsorbent Screening Abdehagh N., *Tezel F.H., Thibault J.
10:00 End of Session

CCS1Georgia B

Carbon Capture and Sequestration

Organizer(s) - N. Mahinpey
Chair(s) - A. Kumar

08:00 00591 Activator Effect on CO2 Capture by AHPD Aqueous Solutions in PTFE Hollow Fiber Membrane Contactor - Experimental and Modeling Bougie F., *Iliuta M.C.
08:20 00592 Thermogravimetic Analysis of Iron Oxide Reduction in Chemical-Looping Combustion Process Nasr S., Plucknett K., Pegg M.
08:40 00593 Advanced Method in Gas Treatment: Capturing CO2 and H2S from Natural Gas Using Ionic Liquids Mortazavi-Manesh S., Satyro M.A., *Marriott R.A.
09:00 00595 Prospect for Zero Emission Petrol Vehicles With Carbon Recycling *$Musadi M.R.
09:20 00596 Study Report on Modelling of CO2 Capture Plant Banaai M.J.
09:40 00594 Novel Low Energy Input Regenerable Desiccants for the Drying of Carbon Dioxide Streams Rezaei S., Tanchuk B., Sawada J.A., *kuznicki S.M.
10:00 End of Session

CAT5Regency E

Catalytic Reaction Engineering and Kinetics

Organizer(s) - A. Dalai, K. Smith
Chair(s) - G. Rempel, R. Thring

08:00 00597 An Investigation of a Pt-Pd Diesel Oxidation Catalyst Khosravi M., Abedi A., *Hayes R.E., Epling W., Votsmeier M.
08:20 00598 The Influence of Hydrothermal Aging and Pre-treatment Conditions on Methane Oxidation over Pd/SiO2 Gholami R., *$Smith K.J.
08:40 00599 Diesel Steam Reforming with Ni-Al/Al2O3 and Ni-Al/Al2O3-YSZ catalysts: Changes in Catalyst Composition over Time-on-Stream and a Simple Phenomenological Model to Predict Catalysts Loss of Activity *$Abatzoglou N., Achouri I.-E., Braidy N.
09:00 00600 Kinetic and Hydrodynamic Modelling in Microreactors and 45mmID Reactors Operated as Fixed and Fluidized Beds $Perreault P., Bérard A., Stainton H., *Patience G.S.
09:20 00601 A Microstructured Integrated Reactor for Simultaneous Syngas and Ethylene Production with Low CO2 Impact Serres T., Pennemann H., *Schuurman Y.
09:40 00602 Ethanol Steam Reforming for the Production of Hydrogen in Microchannel Reactors: Experimental Design and Optimization $Bineli A.R.R., Thibault J., Peres A.P.G., Jardini A.L., *Maciel Filho R.
10:00 End of Session

ENV7Plaza C

Water / Wastewater 2

Organizer(s) - M. Ray, F. Taghipour

08:00 00603 Kinetic Modelling of Petroleum Refining Wastewater Mineralisation *$Diya'uddeen B.H., Abdul Aziz A.R., Daud W.M.A.W.
08:20 00604 Treatment of Oil Contaminated Water by Crossflow Microfiltration; Effects of Operating Conditions on Permeate Flux and Oil Rejection *$Fouladitajar A., Zokaee Ashtiani F., Rezaei H., Haghmoradi A.
08:40 00605 The Effect of Pore Shape on Long-term Membrane Flux Decline via Image Analysis Faghihi M.H., Tremblay A.Y.
09:00 00606 Modeling of Vacuum-UV Photoreactors Using Computational Fluid Dynamics Bagheri M., Imoberdorf G., *$Mohseni M.
09:20 00607 Titanium Based Nanowires Using Environmental Friendly Solvent: Supercritical CO2 $Alsharari Q., Ray M., *Charpentier P., Ayissi S.
09:40 00608 Speeding up the Capillary Flow in Paper-Based Fluidic Devices for Rapid Diagnostics and Environmental Sensing Applications $Jahanshahi Anbuhi S., Chavan P., Sicard C., Leung V., Hossain S.M. Z., Pelton R., Brennan J. D., *Filipe C. D.M.
10:00 End of Session



Organizer(s) - M. Mohseni
Chair(s) - M. Al-Sabawi

08:40 00609 Controlling the Morphology and Permeation Properties of Polyethersulfone Membranes by Polymeric Additives Sadrzadeh M., *Bhattacharjee S.
09:00 00610 Fabrication and Characterization of Mullite-bonded Porous SiC Derived by the Oxidation of SiC and the Solgel Process Ebrahimpour O., *Chaouki J., $Dubois C.
09:20 00611 Techno-Economic Evaluation of Hybrid Distillation-Membrane Processes for Ethanol Recovery MacMillan M.T., *$Haelssig J.B.
09:40 00612 Chitosan/Sericin Blend Membranes for Controlled Release of Drugs *$Eslami S., Feng X.
10:00 End of Session

FPT7Regency F

Powder Processing

Organizer(s) - R. Legros, X. Bi, A. Macchi
Chair(s) - N. Abatzoglou, A. Stefanova

08:00 00613 A PAT/QBD Approach to Measure Radial and Axial Concentration Profiles in Flowing Powder Mixtures using NIRS Analysis: A Case Study with Industrial Hoppers of Different Geometries Castellanos-Gil E., Gosselin R., *$Abatzoglou N.
08:20 00614 Investigation of End Wall Effects on Axial Segregation in a Rotating Drum $Alizadeh E., Hajhashemi H., Bertrand F., *Chaouki J.
08:40 00615 Effective Flow Rates for Uniflow Cyclones Performance Kraxner M., Portenkirchner M., Brugger T., *Muschelknautz U.
09:00 00616 An Experimental Study of Uniflow Cyclones with Spiral Inlet *Muschelknautz U., Kofler T., Kraxner M., Schretter P., Pattis P.
09:20 00617 New Drag Correlation for Fragile Non-spherical Objects Using Two Dimensional Shape Information Obtained from Imaging Data *$Vaezi G. F., Sanders R.S., Masliyah J.H.
09:40 00618 Effect of Different Particle Size and Discrete Distribution of Iron Ore on the Breakup Force in Fluidization Process Yin G., *Wen L., $Liang H.
10:00 End of Session


Wetting, Adhesion and Surface Properties

Organizer(s) - S. Hatzikiriakos, T. Bender
Chair(s) - T. Bender

08:00 00619 Understanding Hydrophobic Interactions between Polymer Surfaces: Using Polystyrene as a Model System Faghihnejad A., *Zeng H.
08:20 00620 Biologically Inspired Modification of Polymeric Surfaces for Tuning of Wetting and Adhesion Shahsavan H., Arunbabu D., *$Zhao B.
08:40 00621 The Effect of Surfactant and Compatibilizer on Inorganic Loading and Properties of PPO-based EPMM Membranes *Kruczek B., Bissadi G.
09:00 00622 "Smart" Morpholino-functional Random and Block Copolymers via Nitroxide Mediated Polymerization *Maric M., Lessard B., Savelyeva X.
09:20 00623 Thermo-Responsive, UV-Induced Schizophrenic Behaviour of Poly(phenyl acrylate)-b-poly(hydroxypropyl acrylate-ran-4-acryloyl morpholine) Block Copolymer Micelles Lessard B.H., *$Maric M.
09:40 00624 Adhesion Mechanism of Polymers with Multiple Hydrogen-bonded Groups Faghihnejad A., *Zeng H.
10:00 End of Session

PSM1English Bay

Process Safety Design

Organizer(s) - S. Buchanan

08:00 00625 Are the Emergency Shutdown Valves (ESDVS) Properly Used as Safeguard Device? Luna-Mejias G.
08:30 00626 Study of Fault Detection and Diagnosis of B.Baria Gas Processing Plant, Bangladesh using Neural Netowork based system *$Sowgath M.T., Ahmed S.
Process Safety Management Award Lecture:

09:00 00627 Multiple Dust Explosions in B.C. - Opportuntiy to Understand Contributing Factors, At-Risk Industries, Safeguarding Measures and Systems , Standards, and Regulations Marta M.
10:00 End of Session


Estimation and Modeling

Organizer(s) - B. Gopalani
Chair(s) - J. Yu

Keynote Lecture:

08:00 00628 Inequality Constrained Parameter Estimation with UKF Yang X., *Huang B., Prasad V.
08:40 00629 Bayesian Inference Based Aggregated Gaussian Process Models for Identification of Ovarian Cancer Subtypes and Prediction of Survival Rates of Cancer Therapies Rashid M., *$Yu J.
09:00 00630 A Functional Data Analysis Framework for Sheet Metal Profile Denoising and Characterization *Fernandes P.M., $McLellan P.J.
09:20 00631 Recursive Least Squares Algorithm with Multiple Forgetting Factors: A Kalman Filtering Approach with Industrial Application *Khare S.R., Huang B.
09:40 00632 Statistical Profiling for Multi-Response Models Golfar B., *$McLellan P.J.
10:00 End of Session

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