62nd Canadian Chemical Engineering Conference

Monday AM

PL1Regency C,D

Conference Opening and Plenary Lecture

10:30 Introductory Remarks
10:45 00001 Entering a New Energy and Environment Era Tanguy P.A.
11:45 End of Session

SGA1Regency B

Feedstock Preparation

Organizer(s) - J. Grace, J. Hatashi, M.H. Hofbauer, C.-Z. Li, H. Li
Chair(s) - G.W. Xu

08:00 00002 Proposing of Extended Chemical Percolation Devolatilization Model for Coal Pyrolysis *$Umemoto S., Shoji T., Watanabe H., Kajitani S., Norinaga K., Miura K.
08:20 00003 Experimental Investigation on Coal Devolatilization Under High Temperatures with Different Heating Rates $Yan B.H., Cao C.X., Guo C.Y., Jin Y., *Cheng Y.
08:40 00004 Impacts of Tetrachloroethylene Extraction Under Ultrasonic Field on the Release Behaviour of Sulfur and Nitrogen During Pyrolysis of High Organic Sulfur Coals Wang M.J., Zhang Y.L., Fu C.H., *Chang L.P., Xie K.C.
09:00 00005 Experimental Study on Non-Isothermal Drying Kinetics of Indonesia and Inner Mongolia Low Rank Coal for Catalytic Gasification Kang T.-J., Namkung H., *Kim H.-T.
09:20 00006 Study on the Moisture Re-adsorption Behavior of Dewatered Lignite Yang Y.L., $Jing X.X., Li Z.Q., Liu X., *Chang L.P.
09:40 00007 Effect of Torrefaction Pretreatment on the Gasification of Biomass Basu P., $Raut M., *Acharya B.
10:00 End of Session


Engineering a Sustainable Built Environment

Organizer(s) - R. Clift, N. Ellis, T. Casavan
Chair(s) - R. Clift

Keynote Lecture:

08:00 00008 Resilient and Restorative Infrastructure: Whose Responsibility Is It and How Might It Be Achieved? Mitchell C.
08:40 Invited Lecture: L. Ford

09:00 00009 A Biogas Based Agriculture Eco-Industrial Park in British Columbia Zhang S., *Bi X., Clift R.
09:20 00010 Multi-Period Optimization Model for Operational Strategy of Power Generation Considering Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicles Penetration *$Ahmadi L., Croiset E., Elkamel A., Douglas P.L., Entchev E.
09:40 00011 Applications of Chemical Engineering in GHG Emissions Quantification and Reporting Policy for Industrial Sources in BC Woodhouse C., *Ferguson D.
10:00 End of Session

FCB1Georgia A

Oxygen Reduction and PEM Fuel Cells

Organizer(s) - D. Wilkinson, E. Gyenge, H. Wang, J. Stumper, M. Gattrell
Chair(s) - E. Gyenge

Keynote Lecture:

08:00 00012 Ordered Porous Nanostructured Thin Films for Oxygen Reduction Reaction Electrocatalysis Kinkead B., VanDrunen J., Paul M.T.Y., Nazemi A., Dowling K., Jerkiewicz G., *$Gates B.D.
08:20 00013 Highly Durable Graphene Nanosheet Supported Iron Catalyst for Oxygen Reduction Reaction in PEM Fuel Cells *$Chen Z.W.
08:40 00014 Graphene-Supported non-Pt Catalysts for PEM Fuel Cell Oxygen Reduction Reaction *$Monteverde A., Zhang L., Zhang J., Specchia S.
09:00 00015 PEM Fuel Cell Activity/Stability Characterization using Carbon Nanoflakes as a Non-Noble Catalyst Support *Pascone P.A., $Meunier J.L., Berk D.
09:20 00016 Impacts of Membrane Additives on PEMFC Performance Degradation *Cheng T.T.H., Wessel S., Knights S.
09:40 00017 A Numerical and Experimental Study of Gas-Liquid Two-phase Flow Patterns in a Minichannel *$Ding Y.L., Bi H.T., Wilkinson D.P.
10:00 End of Session

SBB1Regency A

Resources and Supply Chain

Organizer(s) - P. Watkinson, F. Berruti, W. Duo, S. Sokhansanj
Chair(s) - P. Watkinson

Keynote Lecture:

08:00 00018 The Transformation of the Canadian Forest Products Industry to a Biorefinery Sector Saddler J.N., Karatzos S.
08:40 00019 Networking for Effective and Efficient Use of Traditional Bioenergy Resources *$Pritchard C.L.
09:00 00020 Comparative Assessment of Supply and Logistics of Processed Forms of Biomass to a Biorefinery Sultana A., *$Kumar A.
09:20 00021 Design of a Cost-efficient Agricultural Biomass Supply Chain in Cellulosic Ethanol Production *Ebadian M., Sowlati T., Sokhansanj S.
09:40 00022 Understanding how Biomass Derived from Wildfire Mitigation can be a Catalyst to Developing a Local Bioenergy Solution Dubois D., Blanco J., Flanders D., Littlejohn D., Robinson P.
10:00 End of Session



Organizer(s) - Z. Xu
Chair(s) - R. Hayes, N. Mahinpey

08:00 00023 Global, Regional and Local Impacts on the Oil and Gas Industry Peachey B.R.
08:20 00024 Effect of Caustic Addition on the Processing of Oil Sands Curran M., Tamiz Bakhtiari M., Zhu Q., Harbottle D., Spence J., Siy R., Ng S., *$Xu Z., Liu Q., Masliyah J.
08:40 00025 Optimization of cyclohexane Extraction of Alberta Oil Sands *Nikakhtari H., Meyer L., Vagi L., Wolf S., Choi P., Liu Q., $Gray M.
09:00 00026 On Line Observation of Heterogeneous Nucleation on a Bitumen Surface under Hydrodynamic Conditions *$Li H., Xu Z., Liu Q., Afacan A., Harbottle D., Masliyah J.
09:20 00027 CO2-Assisted Solvent Recovery in Solvent Extraction of Bitumen from Oil Sands : Phase Behavior Study of the CO2-Naphtha System Rabiei Faradonbeh M., Dong M., Harding T.G., Abedi J.
09:40 00028 Validation of Floc Size Measurements Made with Sysmex Flow Particle Image Analyzer (FPIA) Saadat M., Kroll-Rabotin J.-S., Shah S.I.A., Sanders R.S.
10:00 End of Session

BIO1Plaza A

Monoclonal Antibody Bioprocess Engineering

Organizer(s) - J. Piret, A. Sen
Chair(s) - M. Butler, J. Piret

08:00 00029 Effect of Culture Conditions on the Glycosylation Pattern of mAb Aghamohseni H., *Budman H., Scharer J., Moo-Young M.
08:20 00030 Effect of Low Glucose and Glutamine Concentrations on the Glycosylation of the Camelid Monoclonal Antibody CHO EG2 *Villacrés Barragán C., $Butler M.
08:40 00031 A Kinetic Metabolic Model Describing CHO Cells Behaviour Ghorbaniaghdam A., *Jolicoeur M.
09:00 00032 Effects of Cell Culture Conditions on Lipid-Linked Oligosaccharide Intermediates of Glycosylation of a Monoclonal Antibody *Liu B., Spearman M., $Butler M.
09:20 00033 Impact of Primary Metabolism Alteration on Antibody Productivity of CHO Cell Toussaint C.
09:40 00034 Monitoring Chinese Hamster Ovary Cell Cultures using Multi-wavelength Fluorescence Spectroscopy Ohadi K., *Budman H., Legge R.L.
10:00 End of Session

BIO2Plaza B

Computational Bioengineering

Organizer(s) - J. Piret, A. Sen
Chair(s) - A. Garnier

08:00 00035 New Analytical Algorithms to Characterize Cells Kinetics and Morphology Using Phase Contrast Microscopy Juneau P.M., $Duchesne C., *Garnier A.
08:20 00036 In-Silico Design of a Novel Polymer for the Neutralization of the Anticoagulant Fondaparinux Cajiao A.C., Gopaluni B.G., *Kwok E.K., Kizhakkedathu J.N.K.
08:40 00037 Model Predictive Control of Cardiac Heart Muscle Alternantion Yapari F., *$Dubljevic S.
09:00 00038 Online Optimization with Model Discrimination of Surface Plasmon Resonance *Si Mehand M., De Crescenzo G., Srinivasan B.
09:20 00039 Ocular Drug Transport in the Posterior Segment: How Physicochemical Properties of Drugs affect their Diffusion in the Vitreous Humor Gajraj R., $Cheng Y.-L.
10:00 End of Session

CAT1Regency E

Catalysis in Heavy Oil Production and Processes

Organizer(s) - A. Dalai, K. Smith
Chair(s) - A. Dalai, R. Thring

08:00 00040 A Greener Process for Upgrading Bitumen Emulsions *Ng F.T.T., Jia L., Rao Y., Liu K.
08:20 00041 Utilization of Nanoparticles for In-Situ And Ex-Situ Adsorption and Subsequent Enhanced Catalytic Steam Gasification/Cracking of Athabasca Asphaltenes *Nassar N.N., Hassan A., Lopez-Linares F., $Pereira-Almao P.
08:40 00042 Catalytic Hydroconversion of Diphenylmethane with Unsupported MoS2 $Kukard R.S., *Smith K.J.
09:00 00043 Effect of Preparation Method of TiO2/SBA-15 on Hydrotreating Activity of Gas Oil Using NiMo Catalysts Soni K., *Dalai A., Adjaye J.
09:20 00044 Platinum-free Catalysts for Selective Ring Opening Ziaei-Azad H., Yin C.-X., Shen J., Hu Y., *Semagina N.
09:40 00045 Dehydrogenation of Propane in the Presence of Oxygen over Bimetallic Mo-Ni/Al2O3 Catalyst Alenazey F., *Adesina A.A., $Siahvashi A.
10:00 End of Session

ENV1Plaza C

Advanced Oxidation / UV Processes

Organizer(s) - M. Ray, F. Taghipour

Keynote Lecture:

08:00 00046 Insights into the Ultraviolet Disinfection of Effluents- The Role of Suspended Particles *$Farnood R.
08:20 00047 The Prospect of UV-LED Reactors for Water Purification *$Taghipour F.
08:40 00048 UV Degradation of H2S in Waste Gas *Asili V., $De Visscher A.
09:00 00049 UV Disinfection of Wastewater Flocs: Mechanism of Core Disinfection Armioun S., Wolfaardt G., Farnood R.R.
09:20 00050 A Statistical Experiment Design Approach for the Photo-fenton-like Degradation of Poly(acrylic Acid) *$Ghafoori S., Mehrvar M., Chan P.
09:40 00051 Photo-Degradation of Water-Soluble Polymers by Free Radical Chain Scission in Wastewater Hamad D., Dhib R., Mehrvar M.
10:00 End of Session

FPT1Regency F

Gas-Solids Fluidization Systems

Organizer(s) - R. Legros, X. Bi, A. Macchi
Chair(s) - A.S. Issangya, T.J. Heindel

08:00 00052 Entrainment of Geldart C Particles in a Fluidized Bed of Binary Mixture Particles $Kim J.H., Bae J.W., Kim S.D., Choi J.H., *Lee D.H., Nam J.W.
08:20 00053 Influence of Fines Content and Pressure on Minimum Fluidization Properties of Group A Particles *$Issangya A.S., Hays R., Reddy Karri S.B., Cocco R., Knowlton T.M.
08:40 00054 Using X-rays to Visualize 3-D Hydrodynamic Structures in Fluidized Beds *Heindel T.J., Drake J.B.
09:00 00055 Using a Moment Analysis Method to Identify the Micro Flow Structures and Regime Transition in Gas-Solid Fluidized Beds *Zhu J.-X., Qi M., Barghi S.
09:20 00056 Similarities and Dissimilarities of Circulating Turbulent Fluidized Beds and Regular Turbulent Fluidized Beds $Qi M., *Zhu J., Barghi S.
09:40 00057 Experimental Characterization of the Penetrating Flow Through Dynamic Clusters in Gas-Solid Fluidized Beds *Liu X.H., $Meng F.X.
10:00 End of Session

MCF1English Bay

Rheology of Polymer Melts

Organizer(s) - S. Hatzikiriakos, T. Bender
Chair(s) - S.G. Hatzikiriakos

Keynote Lecture:

08:00 00058 Viscous Heating in Large Amplitude Oscillatory Shear Flow *$Giacomin A.J., Bird R.B., Aumnate C., Mertz A.M., Schmalzer A.M., Mix A.W.
08:40 00059 Melt Fracture of HDPEs: Metallocene versus Ziegler-Natta and Broad MWD Effects Ansari M., *Hatzikiriakos S.G.
09:00 00060 A Rheological Study of Flow-induced Crystallization of Pla-reinforced Flax Fiber Biocomposites Arias A., *Heuzey M.C., Huneault M.
09:20 00061 Flow Induced Crystallization of Polyolefins Derakhshandeh M.D., Hatzikiriakos S.G.H., Doufas A.K.D.
09:40 00062 Bulk Crystallization and Nucleation Activity of Copper Nanowire - Linear Low Density Polyethylene Nanocomposites $Sadeghi S., *Sundararaj U.
10:00 End of Session


Process Control Applications 1

Organizer(s) - B. Gopalani
Chair(s) - V. Prasad

08:00 00063 Nonlinear Backstepping Observer-Based Controller for Microalgae Process $Khaksar Toroghi M., *Perrier M., Goffaux G.
08:20 00064 Renewable Wind Power Prediction and Optimization Using Gaussian Mixture Copula Model and Bayesian Inference Based Local-Global Gaussian Process Regression Method Rashid M., *$Yu J.
08:40 00065 Parallel Nonconvex Generalized Benders Decomposition for Natural Gas Production Network Infrastructure Development Under Uncertainty Li X.L.
09:00 00066 Coal Bed Methane Reservoir Simulation: Scale-up from Laboratory Scale and Uncertainty Quantification Using Polynomial Chaos Expansion Senthamaraikkannan G., Prasad V., Gates I.
09:20 00067 In-line Monitoring and Control Systems Designed to Ensure the Quality of Pharmaceutical Coating Solutions Belley S., Lapointe-Garant P.-P., Abatzoglou N., Perrier M., Gosselin R., Simard J.-S.
09:40 End of Session

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Bold text denotes the presenting author.   If present, * denotes the corresponding author and $ denotes the principal investigator.

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