62nd Canadian Chemical Engineering Conference

Oil Sands and Heavy Oil Processing

Monday AM



Organizer(s) - Z. Xu
Chair(s) - R. Hayes, N. Mahinpey

08:00 00023 Global, Regional and Local Impacts on the Oil and Gas Industry Peachey B.R.
08:20 00024 Effect of Caustic Addition on the Processing of Oil Sands Curran M., Tamiz Bakhtiari M., Zhu Q., Harbottle D., Spence J., Siy R., Ng S., *$Xu Z., Liu Q., Masliyah J.
08:40 00025 Optimization of cyclohexane Extraction of Alberta Oil Sands *Nikakhtari H., Meyer L., Vagi L., Wolf S., Choi P., Liu Q., $Gray M.
09:00 00026 On Line Observation of Heterogeneous Nucleation on a Bitumen Surface under Hydrodynamic Conditions *$Li H., Xu Z., Liu Q., Afacan A., Harbottle D., Masliyah J.
09:20 00027 CO2-Assisted Solvent Recovery in Solvent Extraction of Bitumen from Oil Sands : Phase Behavior Study of the CO2-Naphtha System Rabiei Faradonbeh M., Dong M., Harding T.G., Abedi J.
09:40 00028 Validation of Floc Size Measurements Made with Sysmex Flow Particle Image Analyzer (FPIA) Saadat M., Kroll-Rabotin J.-S., Shah S.I.A., Sanders R.S.
10:00 End of Session

Monday PM


In Situ

Organizer(s) - Z. Xu
Chair(s) - I. Gates, P. Choi

13:00 00123 A Higher Order Finite Difference Compositional Simulator for Predicting Asphaltene Precipitation Conditions in Reservoirs *Khodapanah E., $Tabatabaei-Nejad S.A.R.
13:20 00124 Steam Dynamics in SAGD and CSS Steam Chambers *Gates I.D., Wang J.
13:40 00125 Optimal Control of Solvent Injection Pressure to Enhance Oil Production in Vapex Muhamad H., Upreti S., *Lohi A., Doan H.
14:00 00126 Low Temperature Oxidation Reaction Model for In Situ Combustion Enhanced Oil Recovery Khansari Z., *Mahinpey N., Gates I.D.
14:20 00127 Improving the Performance of Vapex Using a Pulse Variation of Propane Gas Pressure Muhamad H., Upreti S., Lohi A., *Doan H.
14:40 00128 In-situ Upgrading of Athabasca Bitumen Using In-House Prepared Multi-metallic Ultra-Dispersed Nanocatalysts in an Oil-Sands-Packed Bed Column Hashemi R., *Nassar N.N., $Pereira-Almao P.
15:00 End of Session


Upgrading 1

Organizer(s) - Z. Xu
Chair(s) - I. Gates, P. Choi

15:30 00129 Liquid-Liquid Upgrading and Separation of Heavy Components for Athabasca Bitumen Saturated with Light Hydrocarbons Kariznovi M., Nourozieh H., *Abedi J.
15:50 00130 Investigation of Aggregation of Model Compounds of Asphaltenes in Organic Solutions Soleimanisalim A., Tan X., *$Gray M.R., Stryker J.M., Tykwinski R.R.
16:10 00131 Interfacial Rheology and its Role in the Stability of Water-Oil Interfaces Harbottle D., Moorthy K., Wang L., Yang F., Tchoukov P., Masliyah J., *$Xu Z.
16:30 00132 Experimental Measurements and Correlations of Physical Properties for the Mixtures of Heavy Oil and Aromatic Solvents Guan J.G., Kariznovi M., Nourozieh H., *Abedi J.
16:50 End of Session

OSH-PRegency, Balmoral

Poster Session

Organizer(s) - Z. Xu

From 17:30 until 19:00

17:30 00133 Effect of Supercritical Water on Desulfulization of Oil Sand Bitumen $Morimoto M., Takanohashi T., Sugimoto Y., Sato S.
17:30 00134 Understanding Processability of Oil Sands Ores using Principal Component Analysis and Support Vector Machine Zhang Y., Zhao Q., Xu Z.
17:30 00135 Alternative Energy Input Fuels for Oil Sands Operations: Life Cycle Techno-Economic Evaluation of Hydropower Chan J., *$Bergerson J.

Tuesday AM


Upgrading 2

Organizer(s) - Z. Xu
Chair(s) - A. Al Taweel, G. Dechaine

08:00 00310 Compositional Analysis of Liquid Phases and Component Distribution in Liquid-Liquid Equilibrium of Athabasca Bitumen / Ethane Systems Applicable for Heavy oil Recovery and Upgrading Methods Nourozieh H., Kariznovi M., *Abedi J.
08:20 00311 Asphaltenes Removal from Heavy Oil by Adsorption Onto In-Situ Prepared NiO Nanoparticles Abu Tarboush B.J., *Husein M.M.
08:40 00312 Catalyst Deactivation in Slurry-phase Hydroconversion: A Conceptual Deactivation Model Rezaei H., *$Smith K.J.
09:00 00313 Enhanced Hydroprocessing of Bitumen Using Supercritical Fluids at Moderate Temperatures and Pressures *Romero-Zeron L., Brough S., $McGrady S., Riley S.
09:20 00314 An Overview of Current Reacting Systems and Catalysts in the Performance of the Petroleum Refining Industry Aguilar E.
09:40 End of Session

Tuesday PM


General Session

Organizer(s) - Z. Xu
Chair(s) - D. Harbottle, H. Zeng

13:00 00460 Thermodynamics and Kinetics of Toluene and Water Adsorption / Desorption on Athabasca Oil Sands Tailings Tan X., Vagi L., Liu Q., Choi P., *$Gray M.R.
13:20 00461 A Robust Model for a Hydrocyclone: Methodology and Application Ghadirian M., Mmbaga J.P., Afacan A., *Hayes R.E., Xu Z.
13:40 00462 Integration of Nuclear Energy for the Optimal Operation of the Canadian Oil Sands under Water Management and CO2 Emissions Constraints Betancourt-Torcat A., Elkamel A., *$Ricardez-Sandoval L.
14:00 00463 A New Versatile Model for Characterization of Hydrocarbon Plus Fractions *Loria H., Satyro M.
14:20 00464 Flow Properties of Athabasca Bitumen Behzadfar E.B., *Hatzikiriakos S.G.H.
14:40 00465 Characteristics of Visbroken Oil Sand Bitumen *$Al-Sabawi M., de Bruijn T.
15:00 End of Session

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Bold text denotes the presenting author.   If present, * denotes the corresponding author and $ denotes the principal investigator.

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