62nd Canadian Chemical Engineering Conference

International Symposium on Biomass and Bioenergy

Monday AM

SBB1Regency A

Resources and Supply Chain

Organizer(s) - P. Watkinson, F. Berruti, W. Duo, S. Sokhansanj
Chair(s) - P. Watkinson

Keynote Lecture:

08:00 00018 The Transformation of the Canadian Forest Products Industry to a Biorefinery Sector Saddler J.N., Karatzos S.
08:40 00019 Networking for Effective and Efficient Use of Traditional Bioenergy Resources *$Pritchard C.L.
09:00 00020 Comparative Assessment of Supply and Logistics of Processed Forms of Biomass to a Biorefinery Sultana A., *$Kumar A.
09:20 00021 Design of a Cost-efficient Agricultural Biomass Supply Chain in Cellulosic Ethanol Production *Ebadian M., Sowlati T., Sokhansanj S.
09:40 00022 Understanding how Biomass Derived from Wildfire Mitigation can be a Catalyst to Developing a Local Bioenergy Solution Dubois D., Blanco J., Flanders D., Littlejohn D., Robinson P.
10:00 End of Session

Monday PM

SBB2Regency A

Thermal Conversion 1

Organizer(s) - P. Watkinson, F. Berruti, W. Duo, S. Sokhansanj
Chair(s) - P. Watkinson

Bantrel Award in Design and Industrial Practice Lecture:

13:00 00113 Pyrolytic Conversion of Biomass Residues into Valuable Bio-Oil and Bio-Carbon Products Berruti F.
13:40 00114 Development of Torrefaction Kinetics with Low Oxygen Concentration Peng J., *Bi X.T., Lim C.J., Sokhansanj S.
14:00 00115 Chemical Composition and Combustion Characteristics of Torrefied Woody Biomass Gucho E.M., Bramer E.A., Brem G.
14:20 00116 Production of Bio-oil by Fast Pyrolysis in a Three-Stage Fluidized Bed Reactor System $Wilkomirsky I.
14:40 End of Session

SBB3Regency A

Feedstocks, Preparation and Pre-treatment

Organizer(s) - P. Watkinson, F. Berruti, W. Duo, S. Sokhansanj
Chair(s) - A. Kumar

15:30 00117 Investigation of Physicochemical Properties of Bio-oils Produced from Herbaceous and Forestry Biomass in Slow and Fast Pyrolytic Conditions Mohanty P., Nanda S., Pant K., Naik S., Kozinski J.A., *$Dalai A.K.
15:50 00118 Promotion of Flocculation and Cell Lysis in Waste Activated Pulp Mill Sludge Using Wood Ash $Park N.D., Helle S.S., *Thring R.W.
16:10 00119 Lignin Recovery from Kraft Pulp Mill Black Liquor Foan J.
16:30 00120 Recovery of Dissolved Organics in Pre-hydrolysis Liquor of the Kraft-based Dissolving Pulp Production Process Shen J., *Ni Y.
16:50 00121 Morphology and Enzymatic Digestibility of Lignocellulose Substrates from a Combined Chemical and Mechanical Pretreatment Process *Fougere J.D., Clarke K., Lynch M., Zhao J., $Li K.
17:10 00122 Enzymatic Pretreatement of Date Palm Lignocellulosic Waste for Bioethanol Production *$Al-Zuhair S., Ahmed K., Abdulrazak A.
17:30 End of Session

Tuesday AM

SBB4Regency A

New Products and Bio-Carbons

Organizer(s) - P. Watkinson, F. Berruti, W. Duo, S. Sokhansanj
Chair(s) - J. Paris

08:00 00304 Electrospun Carbon Nanofibre from Softwood Kraft Lignin Lin L., Li Y., Dallmeyer I., Kadla J.F., *Ko F.
08:20 00305 Lignin-based Electromagnetic Composite Nanofibres Li Y., Lin L., Dallmeyer I., Kadla J., *Ko F.
08:40 00306 Estimating the Energy and Agronomic Values of Two Biochar Production Scenarios: Slow Pyrolysis and Fast Pyrolysis Nanda S., Mohanty P., Pant K.K., Naik S.N., Kozinski J.A., *$Dalai A.K.
09:00 00307 The Application of Response Surface Methodology for Preparation Conditions of Palm Shell Based Bio-char as a By-product of Bio-oil Production Process for Methilene Blue Adsorption *Arami-Niya A., Wan Daud W.M.A., Sahu J.N., Abnisa F., Saleh Shafeeyan M.
09:20 00308 Bio-coal Production from Torrefied Woody Biomass Cruz D.C., Baddour C.E., Ferrante L., Berruti F., Briens C.
09:40 00309 Biomass Conversion to Charcoal for Carbon Sequestration Thakkar J., *$Kumar A.
10:00 End of Session

Tuesday PM

SBB5Regency A

Bio-oil Properties and Upgrading

Organizer(s) - P. Watkinson, F. Berruti, W. Duo, S. Sokhansanj
Chair(s) - P. Mehrani

Keynote Lecture:

13:00 00424 Upgrading Pyrolysis Products with Assistance of Microwave Heating Chaouki J., Farag S.
13:40 00425 Enhancing the Production of Anhydro-sugars from Lignocellulosic Materials and their Conversion into Lipids *$Garcia-Perez M., Zhou S., Lian J., Chen S.
14:00 00426 Co-refining Biomass with Fossil Oil via Pyrolysis, Hydrotreatment and Catalytic Cracking *$van Rossum G, Briens C, Berruti F, Kersten SRA, Xu C
14:20 00427 A Study of the Hydrodeoxygenation of 4-Methylphenol and Pyrolysis Oil over MoP and Ni2P Catalysts Whiffen V.M.L., *Smith K.J.
14:40 00428 Production of Biodiesel from De-hulled Yellow Mustard Flour Using Isopropyl Alcohol Sinichi S.
15:00 End of Session

SBB6Regency A

Thermal Conversion 2

Organizer(s) - P. Watkinson, F. Berruti, W. Duo, S. Sokhansanj
Chair(s) - R. Thring

15:30 00429 Slow Pyrolysis in a Pilot-Scale Rotary Kiln: Operational Challenges and the Problem of Mass Balance Roy-Poirier A., Masek O., Mignard D., Pritchard C.
15:50 00430 Fast Pyrolysis of Amazon Tucumã (Astrocaryum aculeatum) Seeds in a Bubbling Fluidized Bed Reactor Lira C.S., *Berruti F.M., Palmisano P., Berruti F., Briens C., Pecora A.A.B.
16:10 00431 The Effect of Pre-treatment on Biomass Gasification *Bronson B., Mehrani P., Preto F.
16:30 00432 Hydrothermal Gasification of Flax Straw in Sub-critical Water Harry I., *Idem R., Thring R., Ibrahim H., Khan A.
16:50 00433 Green Fuel Production With Fischer-Tropsch Synthesis Using Plasma-Synthesized Iron Carbide Nano-Catalyst In Slurry CSTR: From Parametric To Kinetic Study Legras B., Blanchard J., Braidy N., *Abatzoglou N.
17:10 00434 Metal-doped Carbon Nanofilaments for H2S Removal from Gaseous Fuels: Role of Functionalization and Doping Method Fauteux-Lefebvre C., *Abatzoglou N.
17:30 End of Session


Biological Processes

Organizer(s) - P. Watkinson, F. Berruti, W. Duo, S. Sokhansanj

15:30 00435 Biofuels Productivity of Microalgae Mass Cultures *$Benemann J.R.
15:50 00436 Design of Algal Film Photo Bioreactors: Exploring Materials Surfaces and Structures to Maximize Growth Genin S.N., Aitchison S., $Allen D.G.
16:10 00437 The Potential for Integrating Algal Carbon Capture, Wastewater Nutrient Removal and the Production of Bioenergy and Bioproducts by Testing Municipal Wastewater from the Annacis Island Wastewater Treatment Plant McGinn P., *Kadota P., $Kyoung P.
16:30 00438 Production of Recombinant Enzyme with Genetically-Modified Synechococcus in Photobioreactor Wu T., Bi X.T., Duff S., Posarac D., Yewalkar S.
16:50 00439 Butanol Production from Hemicelluloses Hydrolysates *Chegini S., Marinova M., Chadjaa H., Jolicoeur M., Paris J.
17:10 00440 Biomethanation of CO: Identification/Classification of the Metabolic Pathways in a Natural Anaerobic Consortium from an AD Reactor *$Sancho-Navarro S., Cimpoia R., Guiot S.R.
17:30 End of Session

SBB-PRegency, Balmoral

Poster Session

Organizer(s) - P. Watkinson, F. Berruti, W. Duo, S. Sokhansanj

From 17:30 until 19:00

17:30 00441 Effects of Microwave Radiation Method with Chemical Activation on Properties of Produced Activated Carbon from Agricultural Waste: A Review Hseinzadeh Hesas R., *Wan Daud W.M.A., Sahu J.N., Arami-Niya A.
17:30 00442 Characterization and Delignification of Canadian Lignocellulosic Biomass for Next Generation Biofuels Nanda S., $Kozinski J.A., *Dalai A.K.
17:30 00443 Continuous Enzymatic Production of Biodiesel from Oil Extracted from Microalgae and Lamb Meat in Supercritical CO2 *$Al-Zuhair S., Taher H., Al-Marzouqi A.
17:30 00444 Size Reduction and Dry Fractionation to Reduce the Ash Content of Biomass *$Naimi L.J., Woehler M., Sokhansanj S., Bi X., Lim C.J., Mellin S., Pelz S., Lau A.K.
17:30 00445 Supercritical Water Processing: Insight and Application Maheria K., $Kozinski J., *Dalai A.
17:30 00446 Physical and Chemical Characterization of Biomass and the Potential for Syngas Corrosivity *Oveisi E.
17:30 00447 Pyrolysis Characteristics and Kinetics of the Alga Saccharina Japonica *Kim S.-S., Ly H.V., Choi G.-H., Kim J., Woo H.C.
17:30 00448 Gasification of Pinus densiflora (Japanese Red Pine) and Quercus mongolica (Mongolian Oak) in a Fluidized Bed Reactor with Dolomite Catalyst Ly H.V., Kim J., *Kim S.-S.
17:30 00449 Pre-treatment of Thickened Pulp Mill Waste Activated Sludge for Improved Anaerobic Digestion $Park N.D., *Thring R.W., Helle S.S.
17:30 00450 Novel Approach using Protoplast Fusion Technology to Enhance Green Biobutanol Production at Higher Temperature Syed
17:30 00451 Controllability of Thermally Coupled Reactive Distillation Schemes for Biodiesel Production Cornejo-Jacob J.L., Vázquez-Ojeda M., Segovia-Hernández J.G., Hernández S., *$Maya-Yescas R.
17:30 00452 Separation of Biodiesel and Glycerin by Cross-flow Microfiltration and Study of Fouling Mechanism *Pereira N.C., $Gomes M.C.S, Arroyo P.A.
17:30 00453 Experimental Fluid Dynamic of Mixture Sand/Biomass in Spouted Bed for Fast Pyrolysis Application $Santos K.G., Francisquetti M.C.C., Vieira B.C.N., *Santana R.C., Barrozo M.A.S.
17:30 00454 Pyrolysis of Kraft Lignin in a Bubbling Fluidized Bed Reactor: Effects of Bio-char, Fluidization Gas, and Ash Palmisano P, *Berruti F., Briens C
17:30 00455 Microalgae as Pyrolysis Feedstock for Bio-oil and Bio-char Production and Comparison with Traditional Biomass Feedstock: A Review $Wang Y., Shao Y.X., Matovic D., *Whalen J.K.
17:30 00456 Pyrolysis of Crude and Pure Glycerol: Kinetic Parameter Estimation from TGA Applying Isothermal and Non-isothermal Analysis *$Peres A.P.G., Tovar L.P., Bineli A.R.R., Lunelli B.R., Maciel Filho R.
17:30 00457 Process Simulation of Syngas Production from Glycerol Pyrolysis Using Aspen PlusTM *$Peres A.P.G., Bineli A.R.R., Lunelli B.R., Maciel Filho R.
17:30 00458 Upgrading Fast Pyrolysis Oil to Advanced Biofuels via Hydrodeoxygenation Reyhanitash E., van Rossum G., *$Xu C., Yuan Z., Albion K.
17:30 00459 Synthesis of Carboxylic Acids by Oxidation of Lignin in the Presence of Heterogeneous Catalyst $Lotfi S., Patience G.S.

Wednesday AM

SBB8Regency A

Building the Bio-economy

Organizer(s) - P. Watkinson, F. Berruti, W. Duo, S. Sokhansanj
Chair(s) - W. Duo

08:00 00580 Biomass/Bioenergy-The Bio Pathways Perspective Goodison A.
08:20 00581 A Proposed Unified Methodology for Easily Comparing Biomass Energy System Efficiencies and Fuel Requirements Beauchemin P.A., $Tampier M.
08:40 00582 Successful Development of Collaborative Networks in the Forest Biorefinery Context Hämäläinen S., *Marinova M., Pesonen H.-L., Paris J.
09:00 00583 Evaluation of Low Carbon Biofuels for Domestic Energy Supply in Uruguay *Spatari S., Adler P.R., Carrasco-Letelier L., D'Ottone F., Vasquez D., Rodríguez G., Vicente E., Vilaró F.
09:20 00584 How Does Biomass CHP Measure Up? Energy Options for British Columbia's Remote Communities *$Stephen J.D., Monk R., Fahmy A., Mosier E., Mabee W.E.
09:40 00585 Earning a Social License for Bioenergy Development *$Sheppard S.R.J.
10:00 End of Session

Wednesday PM

SBB9Regency A

Wood Pellets

Organizer(s) - P. Watkinson, F. Berruti, W. Duo, S. Sokhansanj
Chair(s) - S. Sokhansanj; A. Lau

Keynote Lecture:

13:00 00660 Emerging Wood Pellet Biofuels in Canada and Technical Challenges to Overcome *Murray G.
13:40 00661 Concentration of Off-Gases in a Scale Down Wood Pellet Storage System *$Yazdanpanah F., Sokhansanj S., Lim C.J., Lau A., Bi X., Melin S.
14:00 00662 Water Proofing of Pelletized Biomass *Hashemi S.Z., Sokhansanj S., Lim C.J., Mani S., Lau A.K., Bi X.T., Melin S.
14:20 00663 Simulation of Wood Pellet Self Heating in a Large Scale Silo Storage System *Guo W., Lim C.J., Bi X., Sokhansanj S.
14:40 00664 Hydrothermal Treatment of Blends of Bark and Whitewood to Produce Durable Pellets *$Tooyserkani Z., Sokhansanj S., Bi T.X., Lim C.J., Lau A., Melin S., Saddler J., Kumar L.
15:00 Coffee Break
Keynote Lecture:

15:30 00665 Emissions From Combustion of Wood Chips and Wood Pellets *Preto F.
16:10 00666 Gas Emissions from Stored Western Red Cedar Chips He X., *Lau A.K., Sokhansanj S., Lim C.J., Bi X.T., Melin S.
16:30 00667 Physical Properties of Biomass Briquettes with Composite Binder Si Y.H., *Wang X.H., Yang H.P., Wang J., Chen H.P.
16:50 00668 Production of Bio-Phenols/Polyols via Direct Hydrolysis of Kraft Lignin: Effect of Process Parameters and their Optimization Mahmood N., Yuan Z., *$Xu C.(., Schmidt J.
17:10 00669 Developing Energy Equation to Predict Energy Input for Grinding Pine with Hammer Mill *$Naimi L.J., Sokhansanj S., Collard F., Bi X., Lim C.J., Mellin S., Gourdon R., Lau A.K.
17:30 End of Session

SBB10Georgia A

Biodiesel and Biofuel Upgrading

Organizer(s) - P. Watkinson, F. Berruti, W. Duo, S. Sokhansanj
Chair(s) - N. Ellis

13:00 00670 Comparison of Ethanolysis and Methanolysis of Vegetable Oil Using Gradual Feed Flow Method *$Prakash A., Pal K.D.
13:20 00671 Two-step Synthesis of Biodiesel in Microtube Reactors Miyazaki H., Esaki M., *$Kusakabe K.
13:40 00672 The Usage of Canola Meal as the Desiccant for Ethanol Dehydration Tajallipour M., $Niu C., *Dalai A.K.
14:00 00673 Simulation and Experimental Investigation for Producing Biodiesel Using Batch Reactive Distillation Nakkash N.B., Al-Karkhi S.R.
14:20 00674 Use of Isomerization and Hydroisomerization to Reduce the Cloud Point of Biodiesel from Various Fats and Oils *$Reaume S.J., Ellis N.
14:40 00675 Bio-oil Upgrading via Emulsification with Biodiesel Yu J., Suvarna M., *$Ellis N.
15:00 End of Session

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