62nd Canadian Chemical Engineering Conference

6th International Symposium on Spouted Beds

Tuesday AM

SSB1Plaza B

Spouted Bed Fundamentals 1

Organizer(s) - J. Lim, X. Bao, M. Olazar, S. Rocha
Chair(s) - N. Epstein, C.J. Lim

Keynote Lecture:

08:00 00293 An Overview on the Recent Advances in Computational Fluid Dynamics Simulation of Spouted Beds Bao X., Du W., Xu J.
08:40 00294 Experimental Investigation on the Translational and Rotation Motion of Cylindrical Particle in a Spout-fluid Bed Zhang Y., *Zhong W., $Jin B.
09:00 00295 Gas Mixing in Conical Spouted Beds with Heavy Particles Cangal P., *Kulah G., Koksal M.
09:20 00296 Solid Trajectories and Residence Time Distribution in Conical Spouted Beds: Effect of Static Bed Height, Air Inlet Velocity and Draft Tube *$Spreutels L., Chaouki J., Bertrand F., Haut B., Legros R.
09:40 End of Session

Tuesday PM

SSB2Plaza B

Spouted Bed Fundamentals 2

Organizer(s) - J. Lim, X. Bao, M. Olazar, S. Rocha
Chair(s) - S. Rocha, J. Xu

13:00 00386 Hydrodynamic Characteristics of a Powder-Particle Spouted Bed with the Bottom Feeding of Powders Nagashima H., Suzukawa K., Ishikura T.
13:20 00387 A CFD-TFM Approach to Evaluate the Influence of Conical Section Geometry on the Gas-Solid Flow Behaviors in Spouted Beds Liu X., *Zhong W., $Shao Y.
13:40 00388 CFD Validation of Scale-up Relationships of Spouted Beds $Du W., Xu J., Ji y., Wei W.S., *Bao X.J.
14:00 00389 Maximum, Minimum and Average Cycle Times in Draft Tube Conical Spouted Beds $Altzibar H., Estiati I., Lopez G., Bilbao J., *Olazar M.
14:20 00390 Two-phase Flow Structure in a Gas-Solid Airlift Loop Reactor *$Liu M.X., Lu C.X., Fan Y.P.
14:40 00391 Solids and Gas Hydrodynamic Characteristics in Square-based Spouted Beds $Curti M., *Rovero G.
15:00 End of Session

SSB3Plaza B

Spouted Bed Fundamentals 3

Organizer(s) - J. Lim, X. Bao, M. Olazar, S. Rocha
Chair(s) - M. Olazar, G. Rovero

15:30 00392 Stability of Slot-Rectangular Spouted Beds with Multiple Slots *$Chen Z., Lim C.J., Grace J.R.
15:50 00393 LES-Lagrangian Modelling of Forestry Residuals Gasification in Flat-bottom Spouted Bed Xie J., *Zhong W., Jin B., Shao Y., Liu H.
16:10 00394 Flow Regime Transition and Hydrodynamics of Binary Fine Particle Spouted Beds $Du W., Zhang B., Xu J., Wei W.S., *Bao X.J.
16:30 00395 Study of Mixing Behaviors in a Spouted Bed with Different Size Particles by CFD-DEM Ren B., *Zhong W., Jin B., Shao Y., Yuan Z.
16:50 00396 Computational Fluid Dynamic (CFD) Simulation of Hydrodynamic Behavior of Slot-Rectangular Spouted Bed Tabatabaei S.A., *$Mahinpey N., Lim C.J., Esmaili E.
17:10 00397 Mass Transfer Enhanced Spouted Bed Using Novel Draft Tube *Mollick P.K., Rao P.T., $Sathiyamoorthy D.
17:30 End of Session

SSB-PRegency, Balmoral

Poster Session

Organizer(s) - J. Lim, X. Bao, M. Olazar, S. Rocha

From 17:30 until 19:00

17:30 00398 Drying of Gum Arabic Solutions in a Mechanically Spouted Bed Dryer *Toth J., Szentmarjay T., Plutzer Cs., Gyenis J.
17:30 00399 Heterogeneity of Spent Active Coke Particles Analysed via Abrasion in a Spouted Bed *$Buczek B.
17:30 00400 Hydrodynamic of the Mixture of West Indian Cherry Residue and Inert in a Spouted Bed $Bortolotti C.T., Francisquetti M.C.C., Santos K.G., Duarte C.R., *Barrozo M.A.S.
17:30 00401 A New Method to Intensify Heat Transfer Capacity of an FCC Catalyst Cooler: Experimental Validation $Yongmin Z., Fuwei S., *Chunxi L.
17:30 00402 A Novel Method for Measuring Particle Velocity in Spouted Bed Chen X., *Zhong W.
17:30 00403 Neuronal and Grey Modeling of Milk Drying in Spouted Bed Nascimento B.S., Freire F.B., *$Freire J.T.
17:30 00404 Study of Hybrid Drag Models in the Prediction of the Hydrodynamic Behavior in a Spouted Bed $Santos D.A., Petri I.J., Duarte C.R., *Barrozo M.A.S.
17:30 00405 Steam Gasification of Waste Plastics in a Conical Spouted Bed Reactor $Erkiaga A., Amutio M., Lopez G., Artetxe M., Alvarez J., Barbarias I., *Olazar M.
17:30 00406 Linear Programming Formulation for Antioxidant Activity Maximization of the Vegetables Paste and Drying in Spouted Bed Larrosa A.P.Q., *$Pinto L.A.A.
17:30 00407 Heat Transfer Simulation in a Draft Tube Continuous Spouted Bed: Analysis of the Influence of Geometric Parameters *Rosa C.A., Arastoopour H., $Freire J.T.
17:30 00408 Thermal Exploitation of Agricultural Wastes in a Conical Spouted Bed *$San Jose M.J., Alvarez S., Garcia I., Morales A.
17:30 00409 CFD-Modelling of the Fluid Dynamics in Spouted Beds: Comparison of Particle-Wall Interaction Boundary Conditions *$Santos K.G., Santos D.A., Duarte C.R., Barrozo M.A.S.
17:30 00410 Enzymatic Hydrolysate Suspension from Anchovy Dried in Spouted Bed: Protein Quality Evaluation Moraes K., *$Pinto L.A.A.

Wednesday AM


Spouted Bed Applications 1

Organizer(s) - J. Lim, X. Bao, M. Olazar, S. Rocha
Chair(s) - N. Epstein, C.J. Lim

Keynote Lecture:

08:00 00575 Influence of Surface Properties on Particle Coating and Drying of Pastes in Spouted Beds Rocha S.C.S., Donida M.W., Braga M.B.
08:40 00576 A Novel Dry Process for Saponins Removal Applied to Bitter Quinoa Ecotypes in Spouted Bed Reactors (SBR) Escalera R., Quiroga C., Arteaga L.
09:00 00577 Investigations on the Characteristics of Internally Circulating Spout-fluidized Beds for Biomass Fast Pyrolysis Zhang H., *Xiao R., $Shen D.
09:20 00578 Biodegradation of 2,4 Dichlorophenol (DCP) in a Spouted Bed Bio-Reactor (SBBR) Al-Khalid T., El-Naas M.
09:40 00579 Engineering Polyphenols Loaded Microparticles by Spouted Bed Drying Souza C.R.F., Fregonesi F., CortÚs-Rojas D.F., *$Oliveira W.P.
10:00 End of Session

Wednesday PM


Spouted Bed Applications 2

Organizer(s) - J. Lim, X. Bao, M. Olazar, S. Rocha
Chair(s) - G. Kulah, X. Bao

13:00 00654 Drying of Milk-Blackberry Pulp Mixture in Spouted Bed: Powder Production Efficiency and Anthocyanin Degradation Analysis *$Braga M.B., Rocha S.C.S.
13:20 00655 Evaluation of Polymer-coated Urea in Spouted Bed to Inhibit Nitrogen Volatilization *Rocha S.C.S., da Rosa G.S.
13:40 00656 Chemical-Looping Combustion in a Spouted Bed with a Central Riser Tube *Alappat B., $Sharma R., Delebarre A.
14:00 00657 Developing a Novel Fiber High Speed Photography Method for Investigating Particle Phase Concentration in a 3D Spouted Bed *$Lu Y., Zhong W., Qian L., Ren B., Chen X., Jin B.
14:20 00658 Rice Husk Valorisation by Fast Pyrolysis in a Conical Spouted Bed Reactor $Alvarez J., Lopez G., Artetxe M., Amutio M., Erkiaga A., Barbarias I., *Olazar M.
14:40 00659 Quality Changes During Spouted Drying of Pepper-Rosmarin Extract Benelli L., Souza C.R.F., *$Oliveira W.P.
15:00 End of Session

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Bold text denotes the presenting author.   If present, * denotes the corresponding author and $ denotes the principal investigator.

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