62nd Canadian Chemical Engineering Conference

3rd International Symposium on Gasification and its Applications

Monday AM

SGA1Regency B

Feedstock Preparation

Organizer(s) - J. Grace, J. Hatashi, M.H. Hofbauer, C.-Z. Li, H. Li
Chair(s) - G.W. Xu

08:00 00002 Proposing of Extended Chemical Percolation Devolatilization Model for Coal Pyrolysis *$Umemoto S., Shoji T., Watanabe H., Kajitani S., Norinaga K., Miura K.
08:20 00003 Experimental Investigation on Coal Devolatilization Under High Temperatures with Different Heating Rates $Yan B.H., Cao C.X., Guo C.Y., Jin Y., *Cheng Y.
08:40 00004 Impacts of Tetrachloroethylene Extraction Under Ultrasonic Field on the Release Behaviour of Sulfur and Nitrogen During Pyrolysis of High Organic Sulfur Coals Wang M.J., Zhang Y.L., Fu C.H., *Chang L.P., Xie K.C.
09:00 00005 Experimental Study on Non-Isothermal Drying Kinetics of Indonesia and Inner Mongolia Low Rank Coal for Catalytic Gasification Kang T.-J., Namkung H., *Kim H.-T.
09:20 00006 Study on the Moisture Re-adsorption Behavior of Dewatered Lignite Yang Y.L., $Jing X.X., Li Z.Q., Liu X., *Chang L.P.
09:40 00007 Effect of Torrefaction Pretreatment on the Gasification of Biomass Basu P., $Raut M., *Acharya B.
10:00 End of Session

Monday PM

SGA2Regency C,D


Organizer(s) - J. Grace, J. Hatashi, M.H. Hofbauer, C.-Z. Li, H. Li
Chair(s) - J.R. Grace

Keynote Lecture:

13:00 00068 Comparison of Tar Destruction Approaches for Fixed Bed Updraft Gasification Systems Mui C., Saldanha N., Li Y., Wong E., Vandergriendt R., Sparica D.
13:40 00069 Co-gasification of Biomass and Non-biomass Feedstocks. Part 1: Fuel Characterization, Temperature Effect and Co-pyrolysis Kinetics *$Masnadi M.S., Habibi R., Kopyscinski J., Hill J.M., Grace J.R.
14:00 00070 Co-gasification of Biomass and Non-biomass Feedstocks. Part 2: Synergistic and Inhibition Effects of Switchgrass Mixed with Sub-bituminous Coal and Fluid-coke during Co2 Gasification Habibi R., Masnadi M., Lam J., Kopyscinski J., Grace J., Mims C.A., *Hill J.M.
14:20 00071 A Numerical Study of Gasification Phenomena of Biomass and Coal *$Chen W.-H., Chen J.-R., Hung C.-I.
14:40 00072 Co-gasification of Biosolids with Other Biomass Feedstocks in a Fluidized Bed *$Yu M., Grace J.R., Bi X., Lim C.J., Ellis N.
15:00 End of Session

SGA3Regency C,D

Tars and CO2 Capture

Organizer(s) - J. Grace, J. Hatashi, M.H. Hofbauer, C.-Z. Li, H. Li
Chair(s) - C. Mui

15:30 00073 Sorbent Enhanced Steam Gasification of Biomass: Batch Studies in a Bubbling Fluidized Bed *Butler J.W., Lim C.J., Grace J.R.
15:50 00074 Fluidized Bed Gasification of Biomass - In-bed Investigation of Gas and Tar Formation *$Mayerhofer M., Fendt S., Spliethoff H., Gaderer M.
16:10 00075 Power Generation from Biomass Gasification with Gas Engines - Requirements and Experiences Schneider M., $Amplatz E.
16:30 00076 The Influence of Oxide Phase on the Performance of a Low-cost Iron-based Tar Destruction Catalyst Lewis T., $Grace J., Bi X., Ellis N.
16:50 00077 Greenhouse Gas Emissions and Energy Balance of a Chinese Biomass Gasification System $Yang Q., Yang H., *Chen H., Chen Y., Liu B.
17:10 End of Session

SGA4Regency B


Organizer(s) - J. Grace, J. Hatashi, M.H. Hofbauer, C.-Z. Li, H. Li
Chair(s) - H.I. de Lasa

13:40 00079 Effect of coal devolatilization kinetics in CFD simulation of a transport gasifier *$Li T., Chaudhari K., Turton R., Nicolleti P., Shahnam M., Guenther C., VanEssendelft D.
14:00 00080 Effect of Coal Type on the Char Gasification with Mixtures of CO2 and H2O $Chen C., *Yao H., Zhang S., Luo G.Q., Xu M.H.
14:20 00081 Investigation of K2CO3 Catalyzed CO2 Gasification of Ash-free Coal: Kinetics and Interactions of the Catalyst with Carbon Kopyscinski J., *Hill J.M.
14:40 00082 Kinetics of Non-catalyzed Steam Gasification of Biomass and Lignite Chars Kudo S., Hachiyama Y., Norinaga K., *Hayashi J.-i.
15:00 End of Session

SGA5Regency B

Gasification Reactors 1

Organizer(s) - J. Grace, J. Hatashi, M.H. Hofbauer, C.-Z. Li, H. Li
Chair(s) - J. Schmid

15:30 00083 Gasification of Lignite in a Dual Fluidized Bed Steam Gasifier *Kern S., Pfeifer C., Hofbauer H.
15:50 00084 Behavior of Biomass Pyrolytic Polygeneration Based on the Three Components Xin S.Z., *Yang H.P., Chen Y.Q., Wang X.H., Chen H.P.
16:10 00085 Fluid Dynamic and Mixing Characteristics in Fluidized Beds of Inert and Biomass (Eucalyptus grandis and Cariniana legalis) $Lourenço J.B., Mitri A.G., *Tannous K.
16:30 00086 Steam Gasification of Biomass Using Co3O4 as an Oxygen Source in a Bubbling Fluidized Bed Aghabararnejad M., Chaouki J., S. Patience G.
16:50 00087 Low Temperature Catalytic Gasification of Low Rank Coals to Produce FT-suitable Synthesis Gas *Sharma A., Takanohashi T.
17:10 00088 CFD Modeling of Partial Oxidation in the Freeboard Section of a Commercial Gasifier *$Boulet M., Lavoie J.M., Marcos B., Gagnon M.
17:30 End of Session

Tuesday AM

SGA6Regency B

Catalysis and Catalysts

Organizer(s) - J. Grace, J. Hatashi, M.H. Hofbauer, C.-Z. Li, H. Li
Chair(s) - V. Wilk

08:00 00281 Alkali Gasification Catalyst Mobility and its Effect on Gasification Kinetics Lam J., Brodersen P.M., Habibi R., Kopyscinski J., Hill J.M., Mims C.A.
08:20 00282 Reduction of Steam/Carbon and Oxygen/Carbon Ratios in Biomass Gasification by Intensification of Volatile-char Interaction and Catalysis of Potassium Oike T., Yang H., Kudo S., Norinaga K., *$Hayashi J-i.
08:40 00283 Methanation of Syngas with Low H2/CO Ratio to SNG over Ni-based Catalyst $Chu B.Z., Zhang N., Zhang L., *Cheng Y.
09:00 00284 Enhancement of Gasification Rate of Grass Biochar Under Low-temperature Conditions by Directrly Supported Catalysts *$Okumura Y., Hanaoka T., Sakanishi K.
09:20 00285 Characterization and Performance of Alumina Supported Rare Earth Oxides for Hot Gas Desulfurization of Syngas Feist B., Magnifique A., Kopyscinski J., *$Hill J.
09:40 00286 Supported Metal Catalysts for the Gasification of Wet Biomass in Near-critical Water *$Farnood R.
10:00 End of Session

SGA7Regency C,D

Ash and Char 1

Organizer(s) - J. Grace, J. Hatashi, M.H. Hofbauer, C.-Z. Li, H. Li
Chair(s) - J. Hayashi

08:00 00287 Catalytic Properties and Performance of Char from Biomass Gasification *Klinghoffer N.B., Guerra A., $Castaldi M.J., Nzihou A.
08:20 00288 Detailed Investigation of Residual Volatiles in Biochar and Lignite Char from Pyrolysis Yang H., Hazeyama S., Kudo S., Norinaga K., Masek O., *$Hayashi J.
08:40 00289 Effects of Secondary Char on Functional Properties of Biochar *$Masek O., Lapresa A., Crombie K., Brownsort P., Lowe W.
09:00 00290 Effects of Gasification Atmosphere and Temperature on Char Structure During Gasification of Collie Coal Li T., *Li C.-Z., $Zhang L., Dong L.
09:20 00291 Transformation of Char Structure during the Pyrolysis of Low-rank Coals at High Temperature Zhang L., $Li T., Dong L., *Li C.-Z.
09:40 00292 Effect of Coal Ash on the Reactivity of Char Gasification at High Temperatures $Ma Z., *Bai J., Bai Z., Li W., Guo Z.
10:00 End of Session

Tuesday PM

SGA8Regency B

Gasification of Wastes

Organizer(s) - J. Grace, J. Hatashi, M.H. Hofbauer, C.-Z. Li, H. Li
Chair(s) - J. Chaouki

13:40 00355 Valorizing C from Biomass-rich Waste via Gasification Coupled with Catalytic Synthesis of Biofuels and Biocommodities Chornet E., Boulet M.
14:00 00356 Effects of Torrefaction Pretreatment on Gasification Behaviour of Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) Liu S., *Qiao Y., $Chen J., Gui B., Wan D., Yao M.Z., Yao H., Xu M.H.
14:20 00357 Small Scale Gasification of Spent Mushroom Substrates Reducing NOx Emission and Ash Sintering *Igawa S., Yamagishi T., $Matsui T.
14:40 00358 Cracking Gasification of Petroleum Residue: Feasibility Study via Experiment and Process Simulation Zhang Y., Yu D., Cai L., Li W., Gao S., Xu G.
15:00 End of Session

SGA9Regency B

Biomass Gasification

Organizer(s) - J. Grace, J. Hatashi, M.H. Hofbauer, C.-Z. Li, H. Li
Chair(s) - R. Hughes

15:30 00359 Counter-Flow Air Gasification of Woody Biomass Pellets in the Auto-Thermal Packed Bed Reactor *Kihedu J.K., Yoshiie R., Nunome Y., Ueki Y., $Naruse I.
15:50 00360 Study of Chemical, Thermal and Kinetic Characteristics of Amazonian Biomass for Energy Purposes $Nascimento V.F., *Tannous K.
16:10 00361 Effects of Torrefaction Time and Temperature on the Mass and Energy Yields for Oil Palm Stem, Leaf and Trunk *Uemura Y., Uemura Y., Manaf F., Omar W., Yusup S., $Tsutsui S.
16:30 00362 Influence of Staged Air on the Cyclone Gasification of Rice Husk Zhao Y., *Sun S., $Zhang F.
16:50 00363 BETSY - Bio-Ethanol from Synthesis Gas: Production of Ethanol from Solid Non-food Biomass via Thermochemical Route *Schulzke T., Unger C.A., Girod K., $Kleinschmidt R., Kaluza S.
17:10 00364 The Crystallization Characteristics of Coal Ashes in Continuous Cooling Conditions $Xuan W., *Zhang J.
17:30 End of Session

SGA10Regency C,D

Ash and Char 2

Organizer(s) - J. Grace, J. Hatashi, M.H. Hofbauer, C.-Z. Li, H. Li
Chair(s) - J. Hayashi

Keynote Lecture:

13:00 00365 Raman Spectroscopy of Chars: Insights into the Char Gasification Mechanisms Li C.-Z.
13:40 00366 Catalytic Effect on the Reactivity and Evolution of Char Structure of Petroleum Coke Gasification Li Y., *Yang H.P., Chen H.P., Zhang S.H., Wang X.H.
14:00 00367 Investigation of Biomass Ash Fusion Characteristic Based on Phase Diagram of Inorganic Species Du S.L., *Yang H.P., Qian K.Z., Wang X.H., Chen H.P.
14:20 00368 Characterization of Bottom Ash from a Fixed-bed Combustion System, Downdraft Gasifier and a Wood Pellet Burner by Fractionation James A.K., Thring R., *Helle S.
14:40 00369 Ash Deposition Characteristic by Variation of Coal Particle Size and Deposition/Gasification Temperature in DTF Namkung H., *Kim H.-T., Kang T.-J.
15:00 End of Session

SGA11Regency C,D

Entrained Flow Gasification

Organizer(s) - J. Grace, J. Hatashi, M.H. Hofbauer, C.-Z. Li, H. Li
Chair(s) - C.Z. Li

15:30 00370 Predicting the Formation and Flow of Slag in Entrained-flow Gasifiers *Duchesne M.A., Hughes R.W., McCalden D.J., Lu D.Y., Anthony E.J., Macchi A.
15:50 00371 A Downscaled Cold Flow Model Reactor to Investigate Near-wall Particle Segregation in Entrained-flow Slagging Coal Gasifiers Carbone R., Solimene R., Montagnaro F., Troiano M., Salatino P.
16:10 00372 Entrained Flow Gasification of Biomass Based Slurries *Stoesser P., Kolb T.
16:30 00373 Multilevel Modeling of Near-wall Particle Segregation in Slagging Entrained-flow Coal Gasifiers Aprovitola A., Marra F.S., Ambrosino F., Montagnaro F., Salatino P.
16:50 00374 Improvement of Low Rank Coal Ash Flow Properties for Entrained Flow Gasifier $Kong L., *Bai J., Li W., Bai Z., Guo Z.
17:10 00375 Effects of Operation Parameters on Slag Viscosity in Continuous Viscosity Measurements $Kong L., *Bai J., Li W., Bai Z., Guo Z.
17:30 End of Session

SGA-PRegency, Balmoral

Poster Session

Organizer(s) - J. Grace, J. Hatashi, M.H. Hofbauer, C.-Z. Li, H. Li
Chair(s) - N. Mahinpey

From 17:30 until 19:00

17:30 00376 Evaluation of Ground Brazilian Biomass Flowability Based on the Bulk Density and Angle of Repose $Farias F.O.M., *Tannous K.
17:30 00377 Effects of Residual Carbon on Slag Flow Properties in the Entrained-bed Gasifier $Kong L., *Bai J., Li W., Bai Z., Guo Z.
17:30 00378 Kinetic Study on the Catalytic Steam Gasification of Inner Mongolian Lignite *Song B.H., Bungay V.C., $Kim K.W., Sohn J.M., Choi Y.T.
17:30 00379 Simulation of the Syngas Production based on Technologies Removal of Tar Using Aspen PlusTM *$Ardila Y.C., Figueroa J.E.J., Lunelli B.H., Filho M., Maciel M.R.W.
17:30 00380 Syngas Production by Gasification of Sugarcane Bagasse in a Fixed Bed Reactor *Jaimes Figueroa J.E., Camacho Ardila Y., Hoss Lunelli B., Maciel Filho R., Wolf Maciel M.R.
17:30 00381 Discussion of Coal Char Rapid Devolatilization on Pressurized Conditions Hao T., *Zhao Y., $Zhang J.
17:30 00382 Modeling of Reacting Flow in a Reformer for Non-catalytic Partial Oxidation of Hot Coke Oven Gas *$Norinaga K., Tanaka R., Kudo S., Hayashi J.-i., Watanabe H., Janardhanan V.J.
17:30 00383 Simulation of a Bitumen Upgrading Facility Utilizing the CANMET Slurry Hydrocracker Technology $El Gemayel J., Hughes R., Chen J., Anthony E.J., *Macchi A.
17:30 00384 Pyrolysis of Petroleum Coke in Asphaltene Slurry *$Berahman B., Gupta R., Vejahati F.
17:30 00385 Mineral Matter Behavior and Slag Formation during Coal Gasification *$Hosseini S., Vejahati F., Gupta R.

Wednesday AM

SGA12Regency B

Gasification Reactors 2

Organizer(s) - J. Grace, J. Hatashi, M.H. Hofbauer, C.-Z. Li, H. Li
Chair(s) - K. Tannous

08:00 00564 Investigation of the Thermal Conversion Behavior of Polyethylene Mixtures in a Dual Fluidized Bed Gasifier Wilk V., Hofbauer H.
08:20 00565 Steam Gasification of Coal Using a Pyrolyzer-separated Circulating Fluidized Bed Gasification System *$Matsuoka K., Hosokai S., Kato Y., Kuramoto K., Suzuki Y.
08:40 00566 Gasification of Western Canadian Coals and Cokes : A Reprise Watkinson P.
09:00 00567 Pilot Study on Jetting Pre-oxidization Fluidized Bed Gasification Adapting to Caking Coal $Zhang J., Zhao Z., Zhang G., Zeng X., *Xu G.
09:20 00568 Study on the Flow Field of a Cyclone Gasifier Fueled by Pulverized Coal *Qiu P., $Du C., Shi X., Zhao Y., Sun S.
09:40 00569 Characteristics of Mass Transfer Rate of Oxidant to Coal Char Particle Surface with Partial Oxidation Reaction in O2/CO2 System *$Matsushita Y., Nozawa S.
10:00 End of Session

SGA13Regency C,D

Product Processing

Organizer(s) - J. Grace, J. Hatashi, M.H. Hofbauer, C.-Z. Li, H. Li
Chair(s) - C. Mims

08:00 00570 Pilot Plant Operations in Support of Gasification-Based Biomass-to-Liquids and Renewable Natural Gas Demonstration Plant Designs Bryan B.G., Slimane R.B.
08:20 00571 Small-scale Biomass-to-sNG Process - Integrated Demonstration of The Process Chain from Biomass to Raw-SNG in a Lab-scale Test Rig *Fendt S., Mayerhofer M., Gaderer M., $Spliethoff H.
08:40 00572 Integrated Coal Gasification and Natural Gas Steam Reforming $Ghouse J.H., *Adams II T.A.
09:00 00573 Mercury Capture in Fuel Gas Derived Coal over Pd/AC Sorbents at Mid-temperature Han L., *Liping C., $Jieru H.
09:20 00574 Effect of Activated Carbon Supports on Manganese Based Sorbents for H2S Removal from Hot Coal Gas Wang J., *Bao W., $Qin H.
09:40 End of Session

Wednesday PM

SGA14Regency B


Organizer(s) - J. Grace, J. Hatashi, M.H. Hofbauer, C.-Z. Li, H. Li
Chair(s) - A. Macchi

13:40 00078 Basic Model for Gasification with CO2 Capture on a Deactivating Sorbent Allan C.F., *Hejazi B., Grace J.R., Rahman M.H.
14:00 00633 Kinetically-Modified Equilibrium Modeling of Steam Gasification of Biomass with Cyclic Lime-Based CO2 Capture *$Hejazi B., Grace J.R., Bi X.T., Mahecha-Botero A.
14:20 00635 Numerical Simulation of O2-CO2 Blown Entraied Flow Coal Gasifier *$Watanabe H., Tanno K., Umetsu H., Umemoto S.
14:40 00636 Mechanisms and Kinetic Modelling of Steam Gasification of Brown Coal in the Presence of Volatile-Char Interactions - II. Inhibition by Hydrogen Kajitani S., Umemoto S., Tay H., Li C.-Z.
15:00 End of Session

SGA15Regency B

Gasification Reactors 3

Organizer(s) - J. Grace, J. Hatashi, M.H. Hofbauer, C.-Z. Li, H. Li
Chair(s) - J. Zhu

15:30 00637 Diesel Reforming in a Catalytic Plate Reformer *$Mundhwa M.A., Peppley B.A., Thurgood C.P.
15:50 00638 Fundamental Study and Pilot Test of a Two-stage Coal Gasification Process with a Fluidized Pyrolyzer Zeng X., $Wang F., Yu J., Han J., Zhang J., Liu Y., Wang Y., *Xu G.
16:10 00639 Experimental Results of Combustion of Syngas from a Fixed Bed Gasifier in a Porous Media Burner *Fischnaller M.F., Gaderer M.G., Spliethoff H.S., Kunde R.K., Volz F.V.
16:30 00640 Development of a Novel Jiggle Bed Reactor for Testing Bio-oil Gasification Catalysts *$Latifi M., Briens C., Berruti F.
16:50 00641 Measurement of Solids Circulation Rate in a High Temperature Dual Fluidized Bed Using Dry Ice *Rahman M.H., Stewart M.C., Bi X.T., Grace J.R., Lim C.J.
17:10 00642 PowerBox: a Small- to Medium Sized Gasification Concept Basing on the Floating Bed Technology Hofmann A., Huber M.B., Kreutner G., Krüger J., Berger H.
17:30 End of Session

SGA16Regency C,D

Fluidized Bed Gasification

Organizer(s) - J. Grace, J. Hatashi, M.H. Hofbauer, C.-Z. Li, H. Li
Chair(s) - J.R. Grace

Keynote Lecture:

13:00 00643 Recent Progress in Chemical Engineering Fundamentals for Pyrolysis and Gasification in Dual Fluidized Bed Xu G., Zhang J., Yin W., Yao C., Dong L.
13:40 00644 Cold Flow Model Study of an Advanced Dual Fluid Bed System for Fuel Conversion *Hofbauer H., Schmid J.C., Fuchs J.
14:00 00645 Dispersed Hold Up of Solids Caused by Simple Constrictions in a Dual Fluidized Bed System *Schmid J.C., Hofbauer H.
14:20 00646 Hydrodynamic Characterization of a Dual Fluidized Bed System Containing Limestone Particles at Low and High Temperatures Reyes-Ramirez P., Grace J.R., Ellis N., Lim C.J., Soletti J.I.
14:40 00647 Multistage Fluidized Bed Pyrolysis for Low-rank Coal Upgrading Zhou Q., Zou T., Zhong M., Xu X.F., *Gao S.Q., Xu G.W.
15:00 End of Session

SGA17Regency C,D

Hydrogen and Syngas

Organizer(s) - J. Grace, J. Hatashi, M.H. Hofbauer, C.-Z. Li, H. Li
Chair(s) - P. Mehrani

15:30 00648 Hydrogen Production via CaO Sorption Enhanced Biomass Steam Gasification in an Atmospheric Fluidized Bed Li B., Wei L.Y., *Yang H.P., Zhang S., Wang X.H., Chen H.P.
15:50 00649 Enhanced Hydrogen Content of Syngas in Steam Gasification of Sewage Sludge by Reusing the Calcium in Lime-conditioned Sludge $Liu H., Hu H.Y., Luo G.Q., Xu M.H., *Yao H.
16:10 00650 Integration of a Bitumen Upgrading Facility with an IGCC Process for Hydrogen Production with Carbon Capture $El Gemayel J., Hughes R., Chen J., Anthony E.J., *Macchi A.
16:30 00651 Molten Salt Catalyzed Gasification (MSG) for Production of Hydrogen at High Pressure from Carbonaceous Wastes Frost L.J., *Camarta N.J., $Wilding B.M.
16:50 00652 Energy and Hydrogen Recuperation by Gasification of Complex Cokes coming from Delayed Coking of Vacuum Residue from Maya Crude Oil Paniagua-Rodríguez J.C., Jímenez-García G., *$Maya-Yescas R.
17:10 00653 Gasification and Co-gasification of Wastes for Energy and Material Recovery: A Substance Flow Analysis *$Arena U., Di Gregorio F.
17:30 End of Session

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Bold text denotes the presenting author.   If present, * denotes the corresponding author and $ denotes the principal investigator.

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