62nd Canadian Chemical Engineering Conference

Systems and Control

Monday AM


Process Control Applications 1

Organizer(s) - B. Gopalani
Chair(s) - V. Prasad

08:00 00063 Nonlinear Backstepping Observer-Based Controller for Microalgae Process $Khaksar Toroghi M., *Perrier M., Goffaux G.
08:20 00064 Renewable Wind Power Prediction and Optimization Using Gaussian Mixture Copula Model and Bayesian Inference Based Local-Global Gaussian Process Regression Method Rashid M., *$Yu J.
08:40 00065 Parallel Nonconvex Generalized Benders Decomposition for Natural Gas Production Network Infrastructure Development Under Uncertainty Li X.L.
09:00 00066 Coal Bed Methane Reservoir Simulation: Scale-up from Laboratory Scale and Uncertainty Quantification Using Polynomial Chaos Expansion Senthamaraikkannan G., Prasad V., Gates I.
09:20 00067 In-line Monitoring and Control Systems Designed to Ensure the Quality of Pharmaceutical Coating Solutions Belley S., Lapointe-Garant P.-P., Abatzoglou N., Perrier M., Gosselin R., Simard J.-S.
09:40 End of Session

Tuesday AM


Nonlinear and Model Predictive Control

Organizer(s) - B. Gopalani
Chair(s) - L. Ricardez-Sandoval

Keynote Lecture:

08:00 00347 Distributed Model Predictive Control Liu J.
08:40 00348 Robust-Distributed MPC with Robust Observer to Handle Communication Loss Kumar D., Al-Gherwi W., *Budman H.
09:00 00349 Model Predictive Quality Control of Batch Processes Corbett B., Aumi S., *Mhaskar P.
09:20 00350 Coordination of Distributed Nonlinear Model Predictive Controllers *Hassanzadeh B., Pakravesh H., Liu J., $Forbes J.F.
09:40 00351 Offset-free Model Predictive Control of a Vapor Compression Cycle *Wallace M, Das B., Mhaskar P., House J., Salsbury T.
10:00 End of Session

Tuesday PM


Process Design and Optimization

Organizer(s) - B. Gopalani
Chair(s) - M. Perrier

Keynote Lecture:

13:00 00551 Nonconvex Generalized Benders Decomposition and Piecewise Convex Relaxations for Optimal Process Design and Operation Under Uncertainty Li X.L., Chen Y.C., Barton P.I.
13:40 00552 Direct Dynamic Optimization Approaches for Optimal Design and Operation of Large-Scale Chemical Processes $Washington I.D., *Swartz C.L.E.
14:00 00553 Multi-unit Optimization for a System with Multiple Non-identical Units and Multiple Inputs - Application to Photovoltaic Arrays *$Sadrebazaz S., Perrier M.
14:20 00554 A Polynomial-Chaos Based Algorithm for Robust Optimization in the Presence of Bayesian Uncertainty Mandur J.S., *Budman H.M.
14:40 00555 Simultaneous Process and Control Design Under Uncertainty: A Probabilistic-based Approach *$Ricardez-Sandoval L.
15:00 End of Session


Process Control Applications 2

Organizer(s) - B. Gopalani
Chair(s) - X. Li

15:30 00556 Robust Level Control of a Dry-surge Ore Pile McClure K.S., *Nagamune R., $Marshman D., Chmelyk T., Gopaluni R.B.
15:50 00557 ERT Application to Milk Processing and Control: Detection of Abnormalities, and Multidimensional Concentration, Composition, Flow and Velocity Profile Measurement Sharifi M., *Young B.
16:10 00558 The Use of Empirical Eigenfunctions in Controller Synthesis for Unstable Heat Equation on Two-dimensional Time-varying Domain Izadi M., *$Dubljevic S.
16:30 00559 Flexible Supply Chain Design under Demand Uncertainty $Patel S., *Swartz C.L.E.
16:50 00560 Using a Hybrid Genetic Algorithm to Characterize the Dynamic Performance of the Continuous-flow Mixing of Xanthan Gum Solutions Patel V., *Ein-Mozaffari F., $Upreti S.
17:10 End of Session

SC-PRegency, Balmoral

Poster Session

From 17:30 until 19:00

17:30 00561 Capabilities and Limitations of In-line Multivariate LIF Analyzer for Powder Monitoring Guay J.-M., Gosselin R., Lapointe-garant P.-P., Abatzoglou N.

Wednesday AM


Estimation and Modeling

Organizer(s) - B. Gopalani
Chair(s) - J. Yu

Keynote Lecture:

08:00 00628 Inequality Constrained Parameter Estimation with UKF Yang X., *Huang B., Prasad V.
08:40 00629 Bayesian Inference Based Aggregated Gaussian Process Models for Identification of Ovarian Cancer Subtypes and Prediction of Survival Rates of Cancer Therapies Rashid M., *$Yu J.
09:00 00630 A Functional Data Analysis Framework for Sheet Metal Profile Denoising and Characterization *Fernandes P.M., $McLellan P.J.
09:20 00631 Recursive Least Squares Algorithm with Multiple Forgetting Factors: A Kalman Filtering Approach with Industrial Application *Khare S.R., Huang B.
09:40 00632 Statistical Profiling for Multi-Response Models Golfar B., *$McLellan P.J.
10:00 End of Session

Wednesday PM


Process Monitoring and Fault Diagnosis

Organizer(s) - B. Gopalani
Chair(s) - F. Yang

Keynote Lecture:

13:00 00762 A Novel Dynamic Bayesian Network Approach for Networked Process Monitoring and Fault Propagation Diagnosis Rashid M., *$Yu J.
13:40 00763 Isolation and Handling of Sensor Faults in Nonlinear Process Systems Du M., *Mhaskar P.
14:00 00764 Root Cause Analysis for Novel Faults by Combing Digraph Reasoning and Statistical Methods Wan Y., *$Yang F., Ye H.
14:20 00765 Industrial Application of Multivariate Statistical Monitoring Techniques *$Bin Shams M.
14:40 End of Session


Process Control Applications 3

Organizer(s) - B. Gopalani
Chair(s) - S. Dubljevic

15:30 00766 Dynamic Operability Analysis of Process Supply Chains for Forest Industry Transformation $Mastragostino R., *Swartz C.L.E.
15:50 00767 Real-time Parameter Estimation with Fundamental Models for Froth Flotation Sekhavat M., Dubljevic S., Prasad V.
16:10 00768 Design and Implementation of Level Interface Soft Sensor by Multi-Modal Fusion of Image Sensor, Physical Model, and Process Measurement $Hassanzadeh I., *Huang B.
16:30 00769 Selection of Simplified Models for Predictions at Desired Operating Conditions Eghtesadi Z., Wu S., *$McAuley K.B.
16:50 00770 A Modified Compartmental Model of Blood Glucose Regulation with Incretin for a Healthy Person Vahidi O., Ekram F., Knop F.K., Kwok K.E., Gopaluni R.B.
17:10 00771 Boundary Based Temperature Distribution Estimation in Oil Wellbore Abdollah J., Rudra S., Jain T., *$Dubljevic S.
17:30 End of Session

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Bold text denotes the presenting author.   If present, * denotes the corresponding author and $ denotes the principal investigator.

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