62nd Canadian Chemical Engineering Conference


Monday AM

CAT1Regency E

Catalysis in Heavy Oil Production and Processes

Organizer(s) - A. Dalai, K. Smith
Chair(s) - A. Dalai, R. Thring

08:00 00040 A Greener Process for Upgrading Bitumen Emulsions *Ng F.T.T., Jia L., Rao Y., Liu K.
08:20 00041 Utilization of Nanoparticles for In-Situ And Ex-Situ Adsorption and Subsequent Enhanced Catalytic Steam Gasification/Cracking of Athabasca Asphaltenes *Nassar N.N., Hassan A., Lopez-Linares F., $Pereira-Almao P.
08:40 00042 Catalytic Hydroconversion of Diphenylmethane with Unsupported MoS2 $Kukard R.S., *Smith K.J.
09:00 00043 Effect of Preparation Method of TiO2/SBA-15 on Hydrotreating Activity of Gas Oil Using NiMo Catalysts Soni K., *Dalai A., Adjaye J.
09:20 00044 Platinum-free Catalysts for Selective Ring Opening Ziaei-Azad H., Yin C.-X., Shen J., Hu Y., *Semagina N.
09:40 00045 Dehydrogenation of Propane in the Presence of Oxygen over Bimetallic Mo-Ni/Al2O3 Catalyst Alenazey F., *Adesina A.A., $Siahvashi A.
10:00 End of Session

Monday PM

CAT2Regency E

Catalysis for Clean Energy Production

Organizer(s) - A. Dalai, K. Smith
Chair(s) - K. Smith, G. Norval

Catalysis Award Lecture:

13:00 00170 Catalytic Mechanisms - More Important than Ever Mims C.
13:40 00171 Pilot Plant Studies on a Novel Supported NiMoS2 Catalyst Toward Hydrodesulfurization for DBT and 4,6-DMDBT *$Chen J., Shi Y., Kotikalapudi C., Gieleciak R., Song C., Li G., Hui R., Zhang J.J.
14:00 00172 Application of L Zeolite in FCC Gasoline Hydro-upgrading Process Duan A., $Li T., *Zhao Z., Lan I.
14:20 00173 Benzothiophene Conversion over a ZSM-5 Catalyst under Mild FCC Conditions: A Novel Approach for Light Diesel Desulphurization Al-Bogami S.A., *de Lasa H.I.
14:40 00174 Synthesis and Characterization of Carbon Nanohorns for Hydrotreating of Gas Oils Aryee E., *Dalai A.K., $Adjaye J.
15:00 Coffee Break
15:30 00175 Photocatalytic Degradation of Malic Acid Using Thin Coated TiO2 Rodgher V.S., *de Lasa H.I.
15:50 00176 Study of the Co-adsorption of Natural Organic Matter (NOM) and Target Micropollutants on Photocatalytic TiO2 Spheres Rezaei R., Imoberdorf G., *$Mohseni M.
16:10 00177 Mixed Metal Oxide Nanoparticle Films for the Photocatalytic Conversion of Carbon Dioxide into Hydrocarbons Wood T., Huai J., Obrien P., Mims C.A., $Ozin G.A.
16:30 00178 Hydrogen Production in a UV-irradiated Fluidized Bed Reactor using Advanced Photocatalysts Reilly K., Wilkinson D., Taghipour F.
16:50 00179 Effect of Surface Orientation and Roughness on Photocatalytic Activity of Rutile TiO2 Single Crystal *$Ikuma Y., Oogoe S., Watanabe Y., Niwa K., Anandan S., Tajiri H., Sakata O.
17:10 End of Session

CAT-PRegency, Balmoral

Poster Session

Organizer(s) - A. Dalai, K. Smith

From 17:30 until 19:00

17:30 00180 Oxygen-Free Oxidative Dehydrogenation of Ethane to Ethylene over VOx/c-Al2O3 Catalyst in a Fluidized-Bed Reactor Alghamdi S.A., *de Lasa H.I., Volpe M., Hossain M.M.
17:30 00181 Kinetics Study for Syngas Conversion to Liquid Fuel over Bifunctional K Promoted Fe-Co Catalysts Supported on Silica / Alumina Mixed with MFI Zeolites Mohanty P., Pal D., $Pant K., *Dalai A.K., Satyen D.
17:30 00182 Methanol Assisted Methane Conversion to Higher Hydrocarbon over Gallium Promoted Mo/HZSM-5 Catalyst $Majhi S., Pant K.K., *Dalai A.K.
17:30 00183 Catalytic Effect of ZnO, CaO, MgO on Pyrolysis of Pongammia Pinnata Seed Cake in a Fixed Bed Reactor Kumar D., Mohanty P., $Pant K., *Dalai A.K.
17:30 00184 Applicability of Co-Solvents on Tuning Zeolite Crystal Morphology Jegatheeswaran S., *$Cheng C.-H.
17:30 00185 Iron Exchanged Heteropoly Tungstate Supported on Activated Carbon for Liquid Phase Benzylation of Anisole Ramesh Ku C., Rambabu N., Kalpana C.M., *Dalai A.K., Lingaiah N., Sai Prasa P.S.
17:30 00186 Activity and Kinetic Study of Oxygenate Synthesis from H2/CO Over 0.5wt% Cs-40wt% Cu-MgO Goodarznia S., Smith K.J.
17:30 00187 Kinetic Study of Single Particle Gas-phase Ethylene Homo-polymerization with Ziegler- Natta Catalyst Mayrhofer L., *Tupe R.R., $Paulik C.
17:30 00188 The Effect of Nanostructure Photocatalysts and Substrate Material on Overall Water Splitting for Solar Hydrogen Generation Adeli B., *$Taghipour F.

Tuesday AM

CAT3Regency E

Catalysis for Green Processes

Organizer(s) - A. Dalai, K. Smith
Chair(s) - F. Ng, R. Hayes

Keynote Lecture:

08:00 00326 Catalytic Hydrogenation of Nano Diene-based Polymers in Latex Form: A New Green Route Wang H., *$Rempel G., Pan Q.
08:40 00327 Influence of Particle Size, Pelletization and the Effects of Binders on the Catalytic Performance of Alkalinized Dual Promoted MoS2 Catalyst for Higher Alcohol Synthesis Boahene P.E., *Surisetty V.R., $Dalai A.K.
09:00 00328 A Green Route for the Selective Hydrogenation of Benzene to Cyclohexene Schwab F., Lucas M., *Claus P.
09:20 00329 Application of CO2-expanded Liquids in Homogeneous Catalytic Processes $Yang L., *Rempel G.L.
09:40 00330 Hydrogen Production via Catalytic Steam Reforming of the Aqueous Phase of Bio-Oil over Ni-Supported Alumina Catalysts *$Pouralamdari Meibod M., Abedi J., Seyedyne Azad F.
10:00 End of Session

Tuesday PM

CAT3Regency E

Catalysis for Green Processes

Organizer(s) - A. Dalai, K. Smith
Chair(s) - N. Abatzoglou, Y. Zheng

13:00 00496 Iron Oxide Nanoparticles for Adsorption and Subsequent Catalytic Steam Gasification of Ionic Organic Pollutants from Produced Water *$Nassar N.N., El-Qanni A.
13:20 00497 Preparation, Characterization and Application of Novel Heterogeneous Sulfated TiSBA-15 Catalyst for Oxidation Reaction Sharma R.V., Soni K.K., *$Dalai A.K.
13:40 00498 A Comparative Study on the Acidity and Adsorption / Desorption Properties of Zeolites Towards the Synthesis of Medicinally Active Compounds *Maheria K., Mistry S.
14:00 00499 Upgrading of Low Rank Coals by Hydrothermal Treatment *$Sharifi M., Rahman M.M., Gupta R., Liu Q.
14:20 00500 Solar Photocatalytic Water Splitting for Hydrogen Generation: Challenges of Utilizing Supported Semiconductors *Taheri N.A. A., $Taghipour F.
14:40 00501 Concepts for Continuous Hydrogenation in Fine Chemical Synthesis Mueller A., Ludwig M., *Lange R.
15:00 End of Session

CAT4Regency E

New Materials and Their Preparations

Organizer(s) - A. Dalai, K. Smith
Chair(s) - M. Dube, C. Niu

15:30 00502 Plasma Synthesis and Characterisation of Nickel Ferrite Nanopowders Bastien S., $Braidy N.
15:50 00503 Nitrogen-doped Graphene Nanoflakes Created Using an Inductively-Coupled Plasma: A Look Inside the Reactor $Binny D.M., *Meunier J.-L., Berk D.
16:10 00504 Preparation of Nanostructure Molybdenum Carbides on Activated Carbon Synthesized from Petroleum Coke Ding L., *$Hill J.M.
16:30 00505 Incorporation of Heteroatoms in Zeolite L (LTL) via Solvothermal Synthesis Route Gaona-Gómez A., *$Cheng C.-H.
16:50 End of Session

Wednesday AM

CAT5Regency E

Catalytic Reaction Engineering and Kinetics

Organizer(s) - A. Dalai, K. Smith
Chair(s) - G. Rempel, R. Thring

08:00 00597 An Investigation of a Pt-Pd Diesel Oxidation Catalyst Khosravi M., Abedi A., *Hayes R.E., Epling W., Votsmeier M.
08:20 00598 The Influence of Hydrothermal Aging and Pre-treatment Conditions on Methane Oxidation over Pd/SiO2 Gholami R., *$Smith K.J.
08:40 00599 Diesel Steam Reforming with Ni-Al/Al2O3 and Ni-Al/Al2O3-YSZ catalysts: Changes in Catalyst Composition over Time-on-Stream and a Simple Phenomenological Model to Predict Catalysts Loss of Activity *$Abatzoglou N., Achouri I.-E., Braidy N.
09:00 00600 Kinetic and Hydrodynamic Modelling in Microreactors and 45mmID Reactors Operated as Fixed and Fluidized Beds $Perreault P., Bérard A., Stainton H., *Patience G.S.
09:20 00601 A Microstructured Integrated Reactor for Simultaneous Syngas and Ethylene Production with Low CO2 Impact Serres T., Pennemann H., *Schuurman Y.
09:40 00602 Ethanol Steam Reforming for the Production of Hydrogen in Microchannel Reactors: Experimental Design and Optimization $Bineli A.R.R., Thibault J., Peres A.P.G., Jardini A.L., *Maciel Filho R.
10:00 End of Session

Wednesday PM

CAT5Regency E

Catalytic Reaction Engineering and Kinetics

Organizer(s) - A. Dalai, K. Smith
Chair(s) - H. Tezel, A. Dalai

13:00 00693 Highly Durable Graphene Nanosheet Supported Iron Catalyst for Oxygen Reduction Reaction in PEM Fuel Cells *$Chen Z.W.
13:20 00694 Theoretical Study of Effect of Carburization on Molybdenum Sulfide's Hydrogen Adsorption Properties Chen Y., Dy E., Ban S., Shi Y., Wang Y.A., Chen J., Fairbridge C., Song C., Shi Z.
13:40 00695 Wet Chemical Etching of Erosion Resistant Coatings: Optimization and Kinetics *Chaudhury R., $Berk D.
14:00 00696 Kinetic Study of Co-methanation by Applying Spatially Resolved Gas Composition and Temperature Profiles in a Catalytic Plate Reactor *Kopyscinski J., Schildhauer T.J., Biollaz S.M.A.
14:20 00697 Synthesis of Na2WO4-Mn supported YSZ as a potential anode catalyst for Oxidative Coupling of Methane in SOFC Reactor Appamana W., Charojrochkul S., Assabumrungrat S., *Wiyaratn W.
14:40 End of Session

CAT6Regency E

Catalytic Bioprocesses

Organizer(s) - A. Dalai, K. Smith
Chair(s) - H. Tezel, K. Maheria

15:30 00698 Hoveyda-Grubbs Catalyst for Natural Rubber Hydrogenation Kongparakul S., $Ng F., *Rempel G.
15:50 00699 Conversion of Fatty Acids in Waste Vegetable Oil to Methyl Esters Using Solid Acid Catalysis *Ghuman H.S., Thring R.W.
16:10 00700 Preparation, Characterization and Evaluation of Canola-based Biolubricants Sripada P.K., Sharma R.V., *$Dalai A.K.
16:30 00701 Modelling the Transesterification of Palm Oils Reveals Prospects for Customization of Esters for Drilling Fluids Formulation *$Okeke E.O., Dawari S., Ojo T.E.
16:50 00702 Di-methyl Ether Conversion into Olefins over HZSM-5 : Physico-Chemical and Reactivity Study of SiO2/Al2O3 Ratio Effect $Al-Dughaither A., *de Lasa H.
17:10 End of Session

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Bold text denotes the presenting author.   If present, * denotes the corresponding author and $ denotes the principal investigator.

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